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  1. Well yeah that's exactly why I want to run physx discretely so that the essential part of the game doesn't chug the whole game because execution time is slow AF on the CPU.
  2. Yeah because dropping my framerate to 15 because the game doesn't have an option to turn off physx is all I want (games such as antichamber)
  3. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a low power nvidia card like a 1050 or something to use it for physx while also having an AMD card in the system. I want to know two things with this: If I could tell NVCP to only use the card for physx and nothing else If having both nvidia and AMD would cause any driver issues or blue screens
  4. Neither of those help, I'm looking for an adblock / ublock origin filter.
  5. I'm using ublock origin and I think I've narrowed it down to this However, the number in the brackets keeps changing. Is there a way I could make the filter block all of the sponsored posts regardless of "nth-of-type"? Like a regular expression or something. Also I can't just delete everything and have just ##div there otherwise it will delete all the posts.
  6. I am using Windows 10, an RX 580 video card, and my main monitor (Viewsonic VX2458) is connected through Displayport, with a secondary one (Samsung Syncmaster) through a HDMI to VGA adapter. Whenever I turn off the main monitor, the system acts as if I outright unplugged the monitor and moves everything to the secondary monitor. The same does not happen if I turn off the secondary monitor. Can I prevent this from happening?
  7. I thought all monitors were like that, where they'd come with a cable that on one end it plugs into the PSU instead of a dedicated power cord.
  8. I remember some really old PCs used to have a passthrough for plugging in the monitor. It seems very efficient as you wouldn't need to take up an extra plug with your monitor and I'm wondering what caused them to phase out?
  9. I honestly liked this aspect ratio, I had two main monitors like that (unknowingly, i did not know aspect ratios back then) and I have to say it seems to be a very good aspect ratio, being the best compromise between 4:3 and 16:9. You get more vertical space, but also get the benefits of a wide monitor, and because there's more vertical space to work with I could argue that they have the potential of being a bit more immersive.
  10. I'm looking into buying myself a power bank and I don't really want to overspend, I need one for my phone (Samsung A40) and Nintendo DSi XL, maybe my bluetooth speaker as well. However, I'm not on the go that much, so I'd have to use it for a maximum of one full charge per day (one device at a time), would a 10k mAh be enough for a setup like this? If so, what brands would you guys recommend?
  11. Alright I can't help but think how the hell have these vulnerabilities not been found during all these years Intel was dominating and we're only finding about them NOW, after AMD have found such success with Ryzen? What have people been doing all this time?
  12. Well as long as I can easily move them on the inside of the case it shouldn't be a problem. Nevermind that, I found an MB511 in stock thanks for the advice.
  13. Budget would be somewhere around that yeah but I'm also looking for a case with lots of fans included, something like a Masterbox MB520. What I should have asked is if I would have any airflow issues with that Cooler Master case even though it seems that the front panel vents are large enough for the fans to breathe.