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    Ryzen 3900X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450 Pro4
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB DDR4-3200
  • GPU
    Asus Dual RTX 2060 Super OC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify C
  • Storage
    Kingston A2000, AData
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750X
  • Cooling
    Deepcool Castle 360 RGB

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  1. Pushing air onto the radiator seems to work better than pull. It's more noticeable at lower fan RPM. The typical AIO radiator is 28mm so if you favor doing it another way for RGB aesthetics it may not be significantly different. At higher fan RPM it can be the same. For my components with a radiator mounted on the front of the case, the GPU seems slightly hotter but not by much for my RTX 2060. It helps the GPU temp to have a fan mounted on the bottom of the case. Some cases with a PSU shroud that extends too far towards the front does seem give higher GPU temps. I don't play any intensive games that stress the GPU that it ever throttles. I had slightly cooler GPU temps in a configuration with the 360 radiator on top inside of the Fractal R5 compared to a 360 radiator in the front of a Deep Cool E-Shield that has no PSU shroud. And with 360 radiator mounted on the front of a Deep Cool Matrexx 55 Mesh the GPU was hotter by 2 C compared to no E-Shield case that has no PSU shroud. 360 Radiaot in every setup I've tried always had slightly cooler results than being on the top of the case. If you choose a good airflow case, a good 280/360 AIO and motherboard that supports 4-5 fans with 0-100 RPM you should have enough temperature headroom to work with some RGB aesthetics and being quiet. Temperatures can be more difficult to keep down if you live in a environment where its hotter, doing some extreme overclocking or cram components inside a small case with a single fan radiator.
  2. Meshify S2 seems too long and leaves too much empty space for an AIO in the front unless you were using something like a push and pull Arctic Liquid Freezer II in push/pull. I think 315mm GPU can fit inside the Meshify C, but you need to install the fans on the front of the case and cut the webbing behind the mesh. From what I read from people doing that is that some fans can make some unwanted noise from being to close to the mesh. I personally do like the Meshify C and next time may consider a slightly shorter video card for my build.
  3. I had a similar problem back in December when the aRGB on the B450 Pro4 wasn't working right, but I think it happened after a reset from Windows update and changing something in Polychrome. It wasn't always red, but could be red, blue, green or white when I changed the animation type. It also didn't adjust the colors properly in static color mode even after trying different versions of bios. I flashed to every bios update after my current version, but it wasn't fixed. Took me 3 tries to flash it until it eventually. First time I flashed it got stuck and had no choice but to reset the computer. 2nd time it didn't do anything. I thought maybe it got messed up from the flashing so I didn't try again for a couple weeks. So the 3rd time it actually worked. Since updating to the latest bios color changing option doesn't work.
  4. What case and fan setup are you using? When I'm running Cinebench R20 and Prime95 I never see it going over 73C with fans under 900 RPM and pump at 100% RPM. The highest I've seen my temperatures was around 82C when I'm playing a MMO with 18 instances running when it loads up a new zone data, and if I had the computer on for several hours. My temperatures look about the same as what I was getting with a 2700x. I never tried a X570 motherboard, but I wondered if it because I'm on a B450 or if I just got lucky with a really cool chip.
  5. The PBO seems to do a better job overclocking than I was able to do. I tried overclocking manually to 4.0GHz with voltage set around 1.34V , but the results were not stable and created more heat than PBO. I gave up after that and reading other peoples experience that 3rd gen Ryzen doesn't overclock well. Maybe you can get lucky with a chip that will be a good overclocker. I still recommend trying it on your Tomahawk before getting a new motherboard.
  6. Have you tried rearranging the cables for the RGB hub to check if maybe it's the hub that is faulty? It should still should work with the wired controller without connecting it to the motherboard unless something is wrong with the fans, pump or the RGB hub.
  7. I replaced a 2700x with a 3900x on a ASRock B450 Pro4 and it seems to be working fine with default setting. I'm sure the Tomahawk can handle a 3900x if my ASRock board can run it. You could just try it on your system before purchasing a new motherboard.
  8. Have you tried using more than one fan header for the radiator fans to assign fans to the GPU? You could try adding a fan or 2 in push and pull with different fan headers to see how the temperatures are.
  9. I'm not familiar with all versions, but it looks like Hyper 212 Black Edition is the only one with metal clips. EVO has plastic clips and regular fan without the LED/RGB. There are other versions not labeled EVO with plastics clips.
  10. It's normal considering It's normal considering the surface book wasn't intended for intensive GPU gaming.
  11. One version has metal clips and the other has plastic clips for mounting the fan. I personally prefer the metal clips for easier installation. The plastic clips will get brittle over time from heat. I have a plastic clip that have cracked after a couple of years when I replaced or moved the fan. It's a good thing I didn't use the spare clip a for push and pull setup.
  12. The cases was intended to have front fans as intake. If you have to flip the front fans around maybe also see if you can mount the fans inside to give more room for the fans to pull the air from the side vents. The picture makes me think the front fans would have very restricted air flow being too close to the glass front panel.
  13. Not quite sure, but I believe you need to connect all of the aRGB items into one aRGB hub that has atleast 6 inputs so they would all be operating in parallel. If you daisy chain any of the aRGB cables making those items in series, the controller won't know you added extra LEDs to the cables. The controller was designed to work with 12 aRGB LEDs from each item.
  14. I thought I read something in a motherboard manual that aRGB cable length has some limits. You may have it too long if they are all daisy chained. Are trying to set it up so it works as 72 aRGB LEDs affect, or as 6 fans with 12 LEDs running the exact same animated affect as all fans?
  15. Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black would be the best performance if you have a case that can fit it in your case. Dark Rock Pro 4 seems be slightly shorter cooler if you can not fit a D15. I've seen it being sold for less than NH-D-15. Assassin III fans are not as quiet as Noctua and Dark Rock fans for those coolers from the reviews I have seen.