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  1. Even if it's improving, what I think is really missing right now in Linux Gaming is decent optimus laptop support, obviously you can't tell someone to edit environment variables just to make it run to a specific graphics card, not to mention that it's not even close to what Windows offers (mainly no dynamic discrete graphics card loading, plus consuming more power)


    7 hours ago, LAwLz said:

    If we're talking about "real work" in IT, then GNU/Linux is king. But I suspect a lot of people who talk about "real work" being done on Windows doesn't actually work with IT. To me, "real work" is programming, running servers, network configuration, IT management, security testing and hardening, and things like that. For those things, GNU/Linux is usually waaaaay more for "real work" than Windows.

    I guess Windows domain admin is one of the rare exceptions where you don't need GNU/Linux when you work with IT.

    I work in the IT field too and all of my servers run on Linux, including domain controllers,  with a few exceptions, and myself for managing them I feel much more comfortable, I absolutely LOVE to work with Remmina, it's a life saver, but for clients?

    Even if they could use Libreoffice most of them just cannot work without Outlook, sadly some of my customers in some cases are still using Access, with strange macros since the 90' that do not work on libreoffice (they barely work on newer windows versions) also in my country the 80% the ERP software (and other government ones for taxes, querying customs information about goods, etc) requires Windows and it's definitely a no-no on Linux (except for a few web-based) excluding some thin clients I personally set up in manufacturing environments all the clients must be running windows

    Assuming I want them to use Linux instead, asking customers to buy a Terminal Server (or a virtual machine on their computers) just to use a bunch of important software, considering all the work that is needed, is definitely a waste of money at the current state (also terminal server licenses in W2019 server...)

  2. On 5/7/2020 at 9:33 AM, LAwLz said:

    Last time they added high DPI display support (or at least made it better), the ability to hold ctrl and scroll to zoom in/out, and they also added support for the Unix standard line ending (LF) and Mac line ending (CR).

    So that's why my OpenVPN configurations I use on Windows clients can be edited from Windows 10 but not from  Windows 7, good to know


    However, I'd really wish some useful and optional features in notepad, like very very basic syntax highlighting and multi tabbing, something that wouldn't mess that much with what everyone is used to, they partially did this to windows explorer (even if it's still missing multi-tab here) 


    And I hope no UWP apps like Paint 3D are planned, unless it's something like the new screen capture app

  3. 9 minutes ago, ken_mcwilliam said:

    I'm convinced you never read the title.

    I'm running POP OS 20.04  

    the gnome version is 3.36.1

    I'm running off a WiFi USB chip (witch it's says its a 150 mbs chip) (the router is close I'm right above it, its a 50mb down so I should be fine, my pc is not covered so there's should be not issues but there is) 

    my specs are as follows

    I7-920 2.6ghz

    MSI AMD R7 370 2GB

    4GBs 1666mhz Ram (although I have 3 sticks with 2GB each so why doesn't my system show that?) 

    My motherboard is GB-ex56-ud5 vs 1

    old tech I know but Right now I'm stuck with em till I can save up money and get a AMD ryzen build but here in Canada I'd be lucky to even upgrade my ram smh

    I even reinstall pop os (witch is my main driver, likely not changing I'm more familiar with it) 


    Tell us the chipset name of that wifi chip, so far it looks like it has a shitty driver and we need to know the exact name to see if there is another driver avaiable

  4. A bit of an advice of what you are doing here for the 3.2 par


    You are enabling AMDGPU support for legacy GPU's who primarly use the radeon driver, the amdgpu driver is builtin at least from the last 3 years on the major distros and the only AMD GPU's that will use it are Southern Islands (SI) GPU's and Sea Islands (CIK) GPU's, and what you wrote was enabling support ONLY for CIK gpu's, you actually have to put this

    Southern Islands (SI): radeon.si_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_HD_7000_series)
    Sea Islands (CIK): radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.cik_support=1 (as you correctly wrote, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_Rx_200_series)


    This is not needed for new gen AMD GPU's

  5. 24 minutes ago, Kanna said:

    Intel core i5-3210m GTX 1050 2gb, just a side note the rockstar games launcher setup screen was broken af maybe it didn’t install


    As stating here it should run just fine the only thing I can think of is:
    Is the game installed on an external HDD? 

    Are you using the latest proton version? (5.0.6)

    Anyway try also cleaning the wine prefix then running the game again (it should be located in steamapps/compatdata/*appidofgta5*/

  6. 41 minutes ago, Aaliyah Reynolds said:

    Due to the ongoing crisis I have been working from home. I read on several places online where they suggested to use a VPN. I was wondering if its really necessary to do so or should I access the internet like I always did? I am working on content writing so not sure if I need the extra security.

    I think there is a misconception here, you are not using the classic "privacy-friendly VPN" that someone sells

    When working from home you are supposed to access the company resources through their own VPN server without opening any useless resource to the internet 

  7. 3 hours ago, leadeater said:

    Wonder what Microsoft has to say on it considering it violates all their guidelines, not that they would comment on it but would be nice. Would be even more nice for a Windows security patch to come out that blocks it, a big "Yea, no you don't".

    I'm surprised they actually signed that driver and not some VirtIO drivers for KVM running Windows VM's

  8. 50 minutes ago, StDragon said:

    Regarding the Windows VPN traversal issue: that makes sense. Being essentially a VM with additional API integration, the network stack in Linux is most likely being bridged through the NIC and not going through Winsock. IMHO this is a "good thing".

    The VPN problem was an issue to me even before in WSL 1, but mainly because of network names not being passed to the VPN DNS server because of an incorrect /etc/resolv.conf file the WSL created


    At least now I could connect directly the openvpn client (SSH only), even though without X.org + Remmina I would use the Windows RDP client + two simultaneous VPN client connections