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    United States
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    Mainly into older electronics, programming, and stuff.
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    I exist.
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    I mainly bug people (I do have a job, but it sucks)


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    Intel i7
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    it's a laptop mobo :/
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    8 GB
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    again... It's a laptop
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    l a p t o p
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    1 TB and 500 GB
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    I'm starting to see a pattern...
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    I have a TV and a display for the older PC's I collect
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    Obviously a Thermaltake Water Cooler. What else do you think a laptop needs. Psh.
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    I don't make enough to game :'(
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    I have bad ears so everything sounds the same for me.
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    Windows 1.0 - Windows 10 (literally) Ubuntu 18.10

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  1. It's not an HDD though. I actually ripped my SSD from a computer that was barely used so it should still be relatively new. Ah! That makes sense. Maybe I should Zip my files before moving them then next time. Thanks for that input. I have an SSD though. Samsung 870 Evo infact. Yeah, it's in that same partition and drive. I am kinda tempted to leave Windows, I just need to get a 1 TB SSD before I do that though.
  2. So lately I've noticed that my computer is wanting to take its time moving files from one folder into another. It stays at the time remaining box for a good minute and then decides that it wants to move the file. It's super annoying since I'm working on mods, and they require texture files for its items, so you can kinda tell how annoying it can get.
  3. I would think that putting that on the laptop wouldn't a bad idea. My last netbook has Ubuntu on it, and from what I can see, it works fine. I just looked up how heavy it is on resources, and it looks like Pop OS is actually recommened for your laptop. I'd say try it.
  4. I have gotten the same thing happening to me. I had to do a fresh install from USB to get mine working. I had to download the image file. The latest OS I could find for you was Sierra, you'll probably have to update it from the app store. Here's the link for Sierra: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208202
  5. Yeah, my mini is like before USB booting was a thing. I plopped it into a different PC so I think its probably a voltage thing with the mini, since when I plopped in a different DVD drive that took a bit more voltage the same thing happened.
  6. The bottom right doesn't apply to my casemod. It was in the photo I ripped off of a google search since mine would give photoshop a seizure if it saw it.
  7. So someone gave me this old g5 Mac Power PC (No I ain't an Apple fanboy) and I found out that it was super scuffed up. So, since I can't stand the look of it ight now I took a picture of a different one of the web and did a bit of PS on it to get a Portal kinda theme going on. I do know that I can go a bit over board with PS and I regret some of my decisions in the past when doing so. Anyway let's cut to the chase. Does it look decent at all? What I'm trying to do is make it look like a system that may be used for file recovery for Glados (And before you say that it wouldn't make sense, remember that Cave Johnson literally drank jillyjuice that came from the moon! So yeah that happened.) or whatever. mac-prototype.psd
  8. So I am trying to mod an old mac mini g5 and get it maxed out to its full potential. I am having trouble getting the SSD to PATA converter working though. Everytime I boot the system with it in, the systems HDD loses power and it goes straight to a blank white screen (Probably because the SSD isn't initialized for use with the Mac.) Has anyone successfully replaced the PATA CD drive with an SSD? I aint worrid about having to mod the motherboard since this system is going to be modded anyway.
  9. Well, in some cases less stuff means less garbage that gets put on the system. With Linux you know that you aren't going to have adware, spyware or what not installed on your computer. I mean yes, you can reinstall Windows from the recovery partition of your PC (If you bought your PC from HP or whoever) but in most cases, the crap that bogs down your system will still be installed alongside Windows. I had a Windows Vista era machine that did this. Linux is always free from this issue. It comes with the essentials to get the user started. It is also very light on system performance. My laptop is about 10 years old and can run Ubuntu 19.04 no problem. I can even do some light gaming on this thing. Also, Linux is pretty much compatible with anything. You can run the first version of Ubuntu on a Motorola 680000 processor from what I heard. I am currently modding a Mac Mini G4 and am thinking about dualbooting it from Ubuntu's PPC distro.
  10. I'm kind of a collector of older systems, and I have just gotten my hands on a Mac Mini G4. It works fine for the most part, but it's HDD is absolutely puny in my opinion (40 GB). I have looked online, and have found an option that allows people to take an NVME card and convert it into a PATA compatible drive. I also am thinking about replacing the Superdrive with an SSD to IDE converter and plopping a 250 GB Intel SSD drive in it. I don't know if this will work for the Mac at all. Has anyone tried this, and if so, is it even worth the trouble? I'm seriously modding out this system so the only thing I'm gonna be keeping the same is the OS and it's mainboards. System specs: 1 GB SD RAM 40GB Hitachi HDD (Wanting to replace with the NVME to PATA connector) Mobile IDE Superdrive (Wanting to replace with Intel SSD) Apple G4 PPC logicboard Model Number: A1103 (2005 Mac Mini)
  11. So I recently got a job at a place that was recently bought out by a fairly big company, and was tasked with formatting the HDD's or SSDs on the systems as well as making sure they are in shape to resell or whatever. Anyway I found a Dell Vostro 3700 laptop (that was in excellent condition) and was kinda interested in keeping it as a work laptop. Anyway I plugged it in to a Dell power brick and tried to turn it on but only managed to find out that the laptop was going through a power cycle before it even got to a post screen. I checked the RAM but the chips seemed fine. I didn't check the CPU because I highly doubt that it would have been fried in the kind of environment I work at (Mostly offices that are like super clean). Anyway I did a bit of research and all I could find was that the motherboard was fried, but I wanted to see what you guys would say about it. Is there anyway to resurrect this machine other than replacing its motherboard or should I just get a new one? I mean it's a fairly good machine for what I want. (VM's, Watching Youtube, Playing Minecraft, and running Mac OS X)
  12. Thanks for the help guys! It turned out that there was an AHCI patch I was forgetting and I just needed to pop that in for it to boot. I think this is the link for it: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/no-ahci-fix.154595/ Thanks again for all the help!
  13. So a while back I installed Mac OS X on a laptop (Which at the time was my main driver). I then transferred it to a desktop, and it had no issues booting. I recently had to wipe my drive because I had nothing important on there, and the system was getting kinda full as well. I remade a clover USB and attempted to reinstall Mac OS X Mojave on to it. The system found nothing. None of my SATA disks were even acknowledged by the OS as existing. I don't know if this will help any but here are my current specs: My system is an H61 based chipset running on a 3rd gen i7, has 16 GB ram, runs off of a 1 tb SATA (since I'm broke af) and has a GeForce GTX 750 Ti (again, I'm broke af). The motherboard has the latest bios and I have set it back to optimal settings yet nothing has worked. Sorry if I sound stupid by writing this I just need someway to fix this problem if at all possible.
  14. You might just want to replace the unit all together tbh.