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  1. Thanks man. I have been doing some reading and updating my very old and outdated photography website. I have also been playing the Tomb Raider series since I never got a chance to play it due to being so busy for a long time.
  2. I have depression and I struggle with loneliness because I'm an aspie and I'm generally a pretty lonely guy, but this has me feeling even more isolated. I've been getting into model and fashion photography because I have a lot of model friends who love my portrait work, and I had to cancel ALL of their photo shoots. They were going to be free anyway because I was planning on using their images in my advertising so it was mutually beneficial, so I didn't lose any money, and my models are very nice and we're going to shoot this summer when this is all over. But I've been feeling more depressed and lonely right now. I am also getting a degree in psychology and I worry about people's depression during all of this. Anyone else feeling lonely and depressed?
  3. Do you think there needs to be an easier way to unplug a 24 pin motherboard power plug or am I just an idiot? I'm trying everything! Help!
  4. I installed Windscribe VPN and it caused my PC to blue screen, so I uninstalled, and now whenever I start up I get a message from windscribe.exe saying that libcurl.dll is either corrupt or missing. I tried finding windscribe with Revo Uninstaller, but I can't find it either. Any help for me getting rid of this message and reinstalling libcurl.dll?
  5. I took a screenshot of this advice and I'll make sure to keep it around on my desktop as a reference. I'll have to keep wifi on but I can turn down the brightness and keyboard backlight easy. I also have a mode called battery saver which I can customize and I'll make sure to look at that. I guess I can turn my resolution up then. Thanks guys
  6. Does my desktop resolution affect my battery life if I'm only browsing Chrome and using it for PDFs and MS Word? My Asus Zenbook is 1800p and I love the crispyness of words, but I'd like more battery life out of it. The GPU is Intel 600 and I notice the GPU usage is never very high. But I need more usage out of it because my classes are 3 hours long and there's no way to charge it. Also, if I were to replace the battery on my own, do aftermarket batteries work as well as factory batteries or is there a drop in quality? The laptop is a year and a half old and I only use it for school, so I should hope that the battery isn't too worn down by now, but it just won't last. I really don't know anything about batteries other than it's not good to leave them in the charger.
  7. The way my system is set up, I have 2 monitors and a TV. Unfortunately Windows 10 makes it impossible to go from 2 monitors to a single TV unless I unplug one of the monitors. Is there a switch that allows me to plug in 2 displays and choose between one of the 2 displays? Like switch from monitor 2 to the TV?
  8. I have a 6 foot long non polarized power cable for a printer (the same kind of power cable that the Xbox One S and the original PS3 use) I need only 2 more feet of cable, so I was thinking of getting a 2 foot long extension cable. If the extension cable is rated as more heavy duty (AWG of 16) than the primary power cable is that ok? The extension cable also has a ground on it but the power cable doesn't. I'll be plugging it into a surge protector. Any problem? Thanks guys.
  9. I did have it at that XMP profile, but it didn't set the MHz speed. I have to do that manually. When I set the XMP and the MHz both then it worked right. I was under the impression that setting the XMP profile by itself would set the MHz speed too, so when it didn't, I thought the XMP didn't work. I'm still learning about this stuff lol.
  10. I checked the XMP profiles and there was actually a profile with the exact speed and timings as the memory labeled profile 1. So I clicked on that and it worked. I didn't have to manually tune anything. Is that normal?
  11. Oh ok I have a 3600X and a x570 Asrock Gaming Phantom 4. I don't know how to change the timings in the UEFI. Is there a tutorial on that?
  12. I had to update my mobo's bios and I went into my XMP and put my RAM back to 3200 and these are the timings it's giving me. My ram is rated at 3200 and 16-18-18-36. Is there anything I have to do in the bios to fix this? I've never done this before. This is my RAM https://www.newegg.com/corsair-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820233984?Item=N82E16820233984
  13. Yeah. 1 person so far has it linked to the game and a few other people say it's Radeon's driver issue
  14. Still getting the BSOD and some people on reddit have the same problem
  15. How do I find people on there? Is there like a lobby?
  16. I have a headset and I'd like to play games using voice chat. What's the best way to go about that? Should I download Teamspeak? Does anyone here use Teamspeak?
  17. I'd love to play CS GO but I'm a noob at it
  18. You gotta fill the reservoir with ice.
  19. I have a blower style Vega 56 because I'm an idiot. I never overclocked anything. It comes at 1622 MHz out of the box. What are your suggestions for lowering the noise? Someone mentioned undervolting it. Should I undervolt it? I've never undervolted a card before so I'm not sure what I would need to do. Should I do it through MSI Afterburner or AMD's Wattman utility?
  20. Yeah definitely. I have a website but I can't promote it here. Send me a DM and I'll show you my work sometime. I don't know how to DM on here lol
  21. Thanks. I don't know what version my bios is but there was a bios release a few weeks ago which I will update to.
  22. X570 Phantom 4, 3600X, Vega 56, Sabrent Rocket NVME for the game drive, Silicon Power NVME for boot drive.
  23. I was playing the outer worlds and I got this blue screen. I have the most updated Radeon drivers. I never updated my x570 bios but it's a brand new motherboard and I didn't think I had to. Would updating the bios help?