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  1. alittlepeace

    Custom shine-through acrylic/vinyl?

    Where would I get material that small?
  2. I'm in the process of modifying my Razer Panthera, and I found that I can pop the shine-through razer logo off the lighted latch. What would be my best option to get my own design on the button? I was thinking either a shine through vinyl sticker or trying to find a place that would custom make a small acrylic shine through tile of some kind.
  3. alittlepeace

    Good Case for Airflow and Cable Management

    The main issue with "too big" is mostly aesthetics, as you'll have a large chunk of the case that'll just be empty not really doing anything. If you're talking about the s2 vs C, the S2 is much longer which turns some people off since there will just be a portion that is going unused, but it does come with three additional 3.5 inch drive bays on the back of the motherboard tray vs the C.
  4. alittlepeace

    Good Case for Airflow and Cable Management

    All of the Fractal cases have very similar cable management benefits, with rubber grommets all over the motherboard tray for easy routing, and multiple anchor points on the back along with built-in ties to keep everything bundled neatly. The Meshify series (Meshify C, S2) have the best airflow out of them because of the mesh front panel vs a solid one that allow for better intake.
  5. alittlepeace

    Desk Recommendations Besides IKEA.

    They sell VESA adapters for various monitor models, especially ones whose stands seperate from the main body of the monitor no office supply stores nearby?
  6. Corsair and NZXT's rgb kits also use their own controllers and don't require mobo headers
  7. alittlepeace

    Will this rgb fan hub work?

  8. alittlepeace

    Will this rgb fan hub work?

    Corsair sells their fan hubs direct for 10 dollars
  9. alittlepeace

    How do you use RGB?

    I have multiple profiles that I go through
  10. There *are* ways to get addressable strips to work with the lighting node pro, as that's how people who make custom RGB plates and other mods get their stuff compatible with the icue infrastructure.
  11. alittlepeace

    Need Advice on my build.

    And the frame drops have nothing to do with your current configurations? Temperatures and everything are fine?
  12. alittlepeace

    Can you put enough RGB to replace your lights?

    Phillips Hue has Aura integration , if you just wanted everything to tie in together
  13. alittlepeace

    Keycaps for : Ducky one 2 tkl rbt keybaord

    Several keycap sellers do sell through Amazon if you just want something quick. The Ducky one 2 uses a standard ANSI layout, so most keycap sets you see with a rectangular enter key will fit. The ones that won't will be the ones where the ctrl-windows-alt keys are different sizes, indicating that they are for a keyboard with a non-standard bottom row. TLDR 1. Get ANSI keycaps 2. Make sure bottom row keys are the same size 3. something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HyperX-Double-Shot-PBT-Keycaps/dp/B07JDVG4RQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=keycap&qid=1554059908&s=computers&sr=1-3
  14. alittlepeace

    Keycaps for : Ducky one 2 tkl rbt keybaord

    kbdfans are not very quick with delivery, the last time they sent me something it took about a month