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  1. Usually those acrylic cases can diffuse enough light that you'll get a bit of an "underglow" effect just with the in-switch rgb lighting.
  2. if you're willing to make a single cable run, what about using a thunderbolt port to move all the necessary ports into the second room?
  3. I'm able to swap between profiles and layouts pretty easily at this point
  4. Wait how? last I heard they were being shipped already
  5. I use headphone anchorshttps://www.amazon.com/Anchor-Pro-Under-Desk-Built-Management/dp/B07F21RGT9 The regular anchor isn't wide enough to hold my cans with thick headbands, so I use the pro
  6. this is soft and comfy and I want to wear it forever
  7. I don't have one, but I have some HHKB caps on a Leopold
  8. I have some of my boards on a rack on a shelf, and when I turned around earlier this was precisely eye level with me
  9. Niz Plum Atom 68 with 35g domes and 10g springs