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  1. I'm still waiting on stabs to finish my ext65 and then i'll have my first southpaw board \o/
  2. ngl they did hurt when all 3 were on
  3. I stripped a preexisting one and used it as a base
  4. gmmk fullsize isn't terrible, since having all those keys removes it's biggest problem, which is you can't reprogram the layers at all The main advantage of getting a nice YMD96 kit is you'd be able to use pcb mount stabs, you won't have to deal with north facing switches, and you'll be able to use QMK. At this point, I'm pretty much uninterested in any board without QMK given how powerful and useful it is
  5. ymdk comes in about a gabillion different configs, including some premium alu case ones
  6. YMD96 is a great pickup for the money imo
  7. could just start him off with a cheapo macropad kit