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  • CPU
    I7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Aourus Master
  • RAM
    16 GB Corsair dominator
  • GPU
    Evga 2080 ti

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  1. I9 9900k , asus TuF 3080 , aourus master mobo , 32 gb Corsair 3600 ram , and the game is horizon zero dawn, thank you
  2. But my gpu is using way less ? It’s also getting real hot with a 360 aio cooler , this was only in the menu not even in game ?
  3. It says it’s at 5.0 in bios though but not on cpu z?
  4. But still showing 3500mhz? Shouldn’t it be at 5000? I did set the ratio to 50 in bios ?
  5. The best gaming experience ?? New to pc gaming . Trying to have the best experience . Which settings should I turn on and off ?
  6. The new Corsair capellix 360 aio ? Or am I supposed to be water cooled ? I can’t even check because it shuts off as soon as I start it
  7. I keep crashing every time I start prime 95 like literally a second after I press ok , to small ttfs? Any help ?
  8. Exactly the question ? What does it do ? Sorry I’m a pc noob, can someone do it for me or show me how?
  9. Really high frames cause the stutters ? and no MSI never have used it , but now that you mention it if I download it it won’t harm my games right ? Like it won’t cause them to stutter or stuff like that ? yes , I have them separate !
  10. So , I bought another kit of the same ram 2x8 gb sticks to add to my other 8gb sticks to make it 32gb , my question is since I’m a noob , do I just put the other ones in the open slots and it’ll just work ? Or do I have to do some configuration or something? Thanks for helping a pc noob