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  1. Clear CMOS using jumpers and/or battery that should fix your problem
  2. Quote me so I can see your reply . What games and at what settings? (Texture quality, shadow etc) Could be that your settings are too high. If you are playing a game like COD Warzone that ram wont be enough and could lead to the problems you were talking about
  3. Good job trouble shooting so far, but I would appreciate it if you could give us your specs and the games you play.
  4. Upgrade to at least the R3 3300x, your PSU isnt that great get a corsair CX and get a higher quality ssd
  5. What setting are you using? That could be your problem. Also what games and at what resoultion
  6. By Nvidia settings I assume you mean game settings? Anyways well the lower the quality the more FPS and vice versa. Render distance also can be an impact If you mean specifically Nvidia then I guess Ray Tracing = pretty lights and less frames. You also have things like anti aliasing which minimizes distortion but that also will effect frames. Honestly I recommend falling into the rabbit hole and watching some youtube vids to explain all these things or article. ( https://www.pcgamer.com/pc-graphics-options-explained/ ) PC Gamer did a good job of this. Honestly the best way to figure these things out is just to experiment to see what works for you
  7. Your FPS depends on the amount of objects/ things for the GPU to load and display. For example I normally get around a 100 FPS in Overwatch on High settings. But, when there are thousands of particles and ULTS etc my fps drops to about 60-70 sometimes even lower. I assume that you get around 240 when you are having a massive build battle with multiple people and all that fun stuff. I also assume that you get 500+ when the match is just starting and there is not much to render. Anyways, its not your hardware in fact 240 is more than enough for top tier competitive play, its just as time goes on in a build battle like that your GPU has more and more things to load and so you get less FPS
  8. Unless you plan on Ray Tracing or NVENC encoding for streaming the 5700 XT is the best option
  9. You should be more than fine. However knowing the rest of your specs could be useful...Just to double check
  10. For the mobo I recommend the MSI Tomahawk MAX or waiting for B550 https://www.newegg.com/msi-b450-tomahawk-max/p/N82E16813144267 That will still leave you with a hundred dollars for storage and small little upgraded like a better PSU but B550 is probably the better option
  11. I would spend less on a processor unless you are using this build for more CPU heavy tasks. In budget builds you typically want to spend more on the graphics cards. I am assuming this is mainly for gaming. Do you have a bugdet? Edit would also go for the tomahawk MAX board.
  12. Saw a post somewhere that the next few games were Witcher 3, BL handsome collection and one other one that I cant remember. So far that leak was right
  13. full system specs? (Including case and any fans) Have you tried stress testing/ benchmarking? Problems like this in other games?
  14. Specs? I would think its either the gpu or monitor. The only way to find out is a good bit of trial and error. Try switching out all three and see what works best.
  15. Dont worry about, i was back seat modding any way
  16. Have you tried playing with resolution and settings? Reinstalling drivers? Can you switch out the PSU easily? This is definitley a long shot but, try reseating your ram
  17. Why not just wait till at least the B550 mobo release? If you pull the trigger now and buy all the parts you are going to spend wayy more money than whats nessacracy. Even if you sell the parts on Ebay you are still going to lose money still. Now is also a weird time to build because ALOT pc parts are out of stock too. Also, your SSD is a bit expensive, go for a saberent rocket instead.
  18. Thermals? Could be throttling.