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  1. 1060 3gb and/or RX470 are the low end i'd really recommend for gaming these days. Not just due to performance, but due to cost as well. The AMD card especially can be had for really low prices relative to its performance, which often makes buying a slower card a fairly poor choice. They're not that much cheaper, but they're often a LOT slower. These two models also draw little enough power that you can typically stuff one into any old PC and it'll work. Some older cards that might also be acceptable, say a 970 or 780Ti if you can get them cheaper than the RX470. Techspot/Hard
  2. Why ESXi? Seems like a product aimed squarely at BigCorp, where flexiblity and configurability takes a back seat to standardisation and support. The free versions also a bit limited. Proxmox or something might be more suited to a home server?
  3. It really depends how its all setup and what media you have. My VM running Jellyfin has four threadripper cores available to it, and one 4k->1080p transcode without hardware accelleration will have it sitting over 75% CPU utilisation... Even with hardware transcoding, you still see some CPU load because its still having to transcode the audio streams on the CPU. If its all low quality media and/or doing direct stream you'll probably be fine. Personally, i have it on a seperate machine because my files are stored elsewhere anyway, and i dont like keeping my desktop PC on all the ti
  4. does windows see the screen as two displays?
  5. If your wanting more performance in gaming, sell the existing card and buy a faster one. Multi-GPU's just dont work that well (or in many cases, at all) for gaming. If you are wanting the second GPU for other reasons, say rendering workloads, VM's or other general compute applications, then sure you can fit what you like and they dont have to match so long as your software can utilise whatever you've installed.
  6. Pro cards are mostly about certification, and occasionally some driver feature unlocks. Higher tier models can have more ram and things, but thats not the case for midrangey stuff. But mostly, its a "we charge more because we can" situation. As an example, if your a company using your Very Expensive engineering software, and discover some bug/glitch/issue, when you call up the vendor and tell them your running a non-approved GPU they may just wash their hands of it. The company ends up just paying more for the approved Pro model, becuase the extra few hundred dollars is
  7. 350euro will get you a 5700xt on ebay if your patient Otherwise, compare cost-per-frame (hardware unboxed/techspot have a few decent roundups) at the prices your buying at and make a judgement call on the value proposition.
  8. yep but you might be waiting a few months before the lower tier cards are launched. Really just depends if you can wait or not.
  9. i get a "Site is currently being upgraded" haha, good timing apparently, it worked 5 minutes ago. Try again in a while i guess.
  10. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/altering-whitelisted-rx-470-570-bios-deviceid-to-work-on-m81-91p-motherboard.246895/ Theres details there on modifying the BIOS to fix the issue.
  11. In the past, xx50 series cards have always been kinda disappointing. I wouldnt personally be expecting anything different this gen. If your buying in that price range, its usually better to find a used previous gen higher tier card. Though granted, currently used prices are all over the shop, hopefully by the time these lower tier cards come thru, things will have settled down.
  12. who did you buy it from? I got my 3060 from OverclockersUK, it took them a week to ship it out despite "next day delivery". I complained and they refunded the delivery costs and said their warehouse had a weeks backlog due to how busy they've been
  13. I'm surprised they whitelist on a Desktop platform. Its common on laptops though. If your getting nothing at all though, i would test the card in another system first. *USUALLY* if its a whitelisting issue, it will power on and tell you the system isnt booting due to an invalid card. Does the onboard video still initialise? Any messages on there? This is what you typically get on a laptop with a non-approved WiFi card for instance.