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  1. Watch hardware unboxed, they have a lots of monitor review videos, but tldr don't buy hdr capable monitor if the peak brightness is <400.
  2. This mobo is legit garbage, you deserve something better with $160. Swap with something else like x570 tuf gaming or asrock steel legend or just wait for the x570 tomahawk from msi
  3. But when I go to Techpowerup Vbios collection, some RTXs have the power limits +abcd% not +0% I don't know, maybe you are right
  4. So I have an RTX 2060 zotac that the power limits greyed out. I wonder if i can flash it and give me a bit more performance https://www.zotac.com/product/graphics_card/zotac-gaming-geforce-rtx-2060-1
  5. Can you flash bios of a RTX 2060 to a different RTX 2060 ?
  6. I'm not disagree with you, but sometime going Intel is not so bad, and he mentions he play games too so single thread performance is better on Intel(unless you go ryzen 3000) and Premiere is still favor Intel at some points so..
  7. If you edit in Premiere, you should grab something with Intel IGPU, but AMD is a better option for the price overall assume you game less than you work. Depends on workloads, 4 cores is kinda fine but I would go 6 cores cuz windows is sh*t.
  8. CPU AND MOBO: If you don't mind buying used, you can get like a cheap b350 and even a cheap x370, pair with a ryzen 3000(if you game a lot) or even used 1000 or 2000 series and you good to go. CPU cooler: used stock cooler you buy new CPU or grab a SNOWMAN cooler on aliexpress(it's fairly cheap and it's a half decent for OCing). Ram: Try to get 3200Mhz 2x8Gb kit, and you can overclock it to 3600(maybe and if you go ryzen 3000). GPU: Because you don't need "RTXon" so used Pascal (like a 1080 or 1070ti or even 1080ti) is a good option but you can also go new and grab a GTX 1660 super(the performance is lower). PSU: Buy a new PSU!!!, we have a tier list on our forum, feel free to take a look. Case: just buy a $70 case that have good airflow and a pack of 3 fans(if you case not included). P/s: Don't go RGB if you can't afford.
  9. Yeah he tells different story in this video
  10. Hey guys, do anybody own this GPU, i want to hear some feedback about it, It's have minimal review and the one i found from Tech Yes City, he says he recommend the back one and ot the white one. The price is around $320 in my region, that is insane cuz we have import taxes kinda high so any card close to msrp is a good deal unless the card itself isn't good :))
  11. Hey dude, can i have a vbios for that card pls, tks ahead


  12. Do you really need NVME ? If not you can get a good SSD with more capacity and it's cheaper too :)) #LinusAdvice :))
  13. I mean the OSD setting like gamer 1 2 blah black level etc like that, not the Nvidia control panel setting :))
  14. I have it too but collor is a bit off :((
  15. jhinfex


    AMD gpu right ?
  16. what's your setting ?
  17. True I guess but I would wait anyway
  18. I would wait because even the 2080ti can't push modern AAA at 144hz at 1440p res.
  19. maybe 1440p 144hz monitor :))
  20. CPU compatibility may be the problem here cuz you are using x470 mobo with ryzen 3000, I can be totally wrong but i think i have experience something like this before. I have 3000 ryzen chip with a x370 (with bios update already), try do some OC stuff and bam, i have to reset Cmos and even remove the battery on it. That causing bios being reset to default in result in compatibility. So try update the bios and see what happens Ps:i can be wrong idk :))
  21. jhinfex

    Thermal Paste

    Try kryonaut or conductonaut. I don't think that make much different but like you can try :))
  22. Hi, EVGA just announced a new lineup of Nvidia GPU call 2060 KO, it's just another 2060 or there is some special about the new release ? And btw the price is quite competitive.. can someone have any info about this stuff ??
  23. Or you can buy cheap b350 or b450 or even x370 and ask the retail if they can update the bios for you, I'm using the same cpu as you are :))