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  1. Yes that’s what I’m going to do if I go 5.1.2. But would it be better then 7.1 given how small my room is?? I’m typically sitting 1.3m give or take away from center speaker. Otherwise I’m all the way back in the surround left corner. This is my bedroom/computer room.
  2. hi Everyone, So my room is fairly small, about 3.6m x 2.92m(L x W) and am just wondering what would be the better speaker setup for me for dolby atmos. I'm using a denon x2700h. I currently have my speakers setup as 7.1 right now as shown in below screen(the black circles are my current speaker setup and positions). They are pretty much setup exactly as shown in below screenshot(not drawn to scale). Yes the front left and front right are in the very front corners of my room. The surround left and surround right are in the very back corners. If I were to go to a 5.1.2 se
  3. 5800x here as well with a nzxt kraken x63. My temps randomly shoot up as well...not just that though downloading a game on steam for example adds like 3 - 5 degrees... I've tried reseating using mx-4 thermal paste. idle literally nothing opened up.. it can get as cool as 25- 34 degrees celsius with multiple stuff opened up, chrome, origin, steam and uplay it goes 35 - 45 playing cod black ops cold war shows a steady 60 - 65 world of warcraft shows 46 - 50 those temps don't seem too bad, it is just the fact that the temps shoot right up when I open
  4. ok mine says retail so that is good news, my friend's is OEM... so in other words if i gave him my current board, he can just buy a new license key and it will be fine right? just like a brand new board?
  5. yeah i mean i guess i should also be askng the question for myself... I'm going to upgade to ryzen with a brand new board and all... how will it work exactly? i just check in my activation settings and it says that "Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account" I have multiple gmail accounts, how can i check which account its linked with?
  6. how would i double check this? EDIT: nevermind found it. what if he just logs into window with his microsoft account then?
  7. I currently have a MSI Z270 gaming M7 motherboard, if i were to sell it to a friend... would my friend have to buy a new windows license key or how will it work?
  8. Hi all, Just wondering will I need to try and get a new bracket/buy new cooler or will one of the brackets i have in the nzxt box(hopefully i can find it) work with an AM4 ryzen socket?
  9. I've had two coolermaster mwe golds die on me within months, I honestly don't think i want to touch another one. My main pc has a seasonic in it and has lasted me for 3 years now.
  10. anything under 350aud, no graphics card.. ryzen 3 3200g 16gb ram requirements at least 8 sata connections, that link master disaster gave above is quite useful, i've been looking at it. Any suggestions is welcome. EDIT: i want something that will last me a long time, not 4 months... and the pc will be on 24/7. So something efficient and will last very long. Am currently looking at this, although seems a little overkill with 750w. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/seasonic-ssr750px-focus-plus-750w-platinum-modular-power-supply-ac08154
  11. Hi Guys, I currently have a ryzen build with 4HDDs and 1 ssd about 30tb worth of storage space. I'm mainly using the machine for Plex, watching movies and tv shows. Anyway it was using a coolermaster mwe 650w psu... was going good for 4 months and it has now died on me. Previously I also had a coolermaster mwe but 550w and that died on me as well. Does anyone else have bad experiences with coolermaster MWE powersupplies? I'm really only just going for these powersupplies because they are able to handle 8 or so sata connections. Can you guys give me any other suggestion
  12. like the title says, what do you guys think? an i7 7700k stock to i9 10900k stock. Purely mainly for gaming at 1440p 165hz and 4k 60hz
  13. im currently using a schiit stack, modi 2 uber and a magni 2. Don't really like the idea of tube amps.
  14. tuunade98

    r70x vs hd600

    i currently have a r70x and am finding the treble to be too much for the music i listen to(hip hop, rap, electronic). I'm just wondering what would the hd600 be like for these genre of music?
  15. lol good to know. Better then spending 500 - 600aud for a new pair of headphones and finding out it sounds alomst the same as a pair of headphones i currently have. Glad i posted this.