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  1. If you use nvidia geforce experience, then use it. It's simple compare to obs
  2. So it's working like having a virtual goxlr yes? Does it cut off my game sound or discord when i use VirtualCable? I tried something like this, it's worked but i can't hear anything when i use it.(it means the software that i tried) Edit: NVM you answer my question at the bottom LOL, thanks so much.
  3. Oh thank you, I just want a simple solution All I want is have a video, a separated audio track of that video(obs just put out everything that came out of my headphone including youtube discord etc)
  4. Oh, wow, that's a insane complicated, do you have a way to separated the audio track in obs? or in 3rd party software, i dont want to deal with sync audio.
  5. Ask Linus, I don't think 8K monitor exist yet but he may have something for you to wait for :))
  6. Hello mina-san, I was tried to record gameplays and watching youtube at the same time, as a result, my footage is full of youtube audio, I don't know how to separated them, I tried a bunch of thing on youtube and it's just won't work. Can anyone here is a pro that can help me with my problem? Thanks ahead.<3
  7. You are some kind of Cherry MX hater of some sort, I said they are standard, good enough quality, longevity,etc..I'm not saying that Cherry MX are the best or something like that
  8. Well cherry Mx is like the standard, without it we can never have good cheap switch as now so.....
  9. It's vary depend where you live, at my place,I can have kail clone for $30 and the quality is fine, not amazing but usable.
  10. jhinfex

    LG HDR buggy

    I'm using AMD, and how to check the bitrate? I have never see bitrate in setting in any GPU.
  11. jhinfex

    LG HDR buggy

    Well when i turn it off, it automatically turn on in game that have hdr and when i turn it on, i get washed out colors in everywhere so that's won't help me as far as I know.
  12. jhinfex

    LG HDR buggy

    No there is no option to turn it off in my display.
  13. jhinfex

    LG HDR buggy

    Hi guys, I have an Lg monitor that have HDR capable.(model lg32gk850f-b). HDR is turn off in the setting but it's keep turn itself on everytime I open a game in fullscreen mode. Does anyone here have the same problem as I have? I want to turn it off cuz the HDR with 400 nits brightness display is not very good and color is all over the places. P.s:try to screenshot the different of colors between sdr and hdr, not work :(( aggggrrarra I hate windows HDR
  14. So it's really depends, if you play games competitively then yes you should upgrade but you have to upgrade you GPU first(unless you have like a 2080ti or 2080 super). Nowadays, games are still GPU bound so no point spending money in wrong places.
  15. But is a 128MB cache and the file size is 256 with bypass write cache..... I'm so confused......