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  1. Acedia

    Running powershell script on remote PC

    Easy. Invoke-Command -ComputerName FQDNOfTarget -FilePath \\YourNetworkDrive\Script.ps1
  2. Acedia

    Sas card of confusion

    Looks like the battery pack for the controller.
  3. Acedia

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    The sensitivity is shown numerical here: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse] "MouseSpeed"="0"
  4. Acedia

    HP Proliant DL380 G3 Build

    Not only performance wise but you'd have to think about the energy costs aswell. G3 is ancient. We are up to G10 currently.
  5. Acedia

    VPN server minimal hardware

    A decent router or a raspberry pi.
  6. Usually Media Converter are nothing but switches with an SFP and a RJ45 port. You just need a multimode sfp module compatible with the converter.
  7. Acedia

    Direct Optical Fiber adapted to Desktop?

    I don't know what the other guys here are talking about but if it's regular old fibre you just need an PCI-E Card for an "SFP" port and and a fitting SFP module (falsely known as a GBIC), either single mode or multimode.
  8. Acedia

    Can I get Steam to work on XP at all?

    No it's not. Having Steam work partially is resulting in either somebody chosing an option to include it, potentially stifling innovation, or people demanding support for it, both of which cost ressources. It's the smart decision to flat out tell people "You are using an outdated, unsecure system. Stop it. We won't support it."
  9. Acedia

    Can I get Steam to work on XP at all?

    Because that's totally the reason why they stopped supporting it and not the fact that they'd have to dedicate ressources to supporting a depcreated OS nobody should be using anywhere anyways anymore. You do realize that on XP machines just visiting websites get you infected? No need to download anything or opening any files. And (yes I am channeling the WAN show here) this could make you one of the nodes in a Botnet attacking other people.
  10. Acedia

    Minecraft server in a Hyper-V VM

    You don't simply "give it an hdd/ssd". You create a .vhdx on an existing drive.
  11. Acedia

    server notifying

    $SmtpFrom = "YourServer <YourServer@domain.tld>" $SmtpRecipient = "Lastname, Firstname <YourMailAddress@domain.tld>" $SmtpServer = "your.mail.server" $SmtpPort = 587 $SmtpSubject = "Reboot has occured" $SmtpBody = "The machine " + $env:computername + " has rebooted." Send-MailMessage -From $SmtpFrom -To $SmtpRecipient -SmtpServer $SmtpServer -Subject $SmtpSubject -Body $SmtpBody -Port $SmtpPort -encoding ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8) Save as a .ps1, put it somewhere on the server, create a new task schedular task to run this upon boot
  12. Is this a joke? We are running 4*Dual Socket Xeon with 128GB RAM for around 50 users each. You'd need around $10k to build this (rough guesstimate)
  13. Acedia

    dns speed benchmark

    Yeah, those delays mean absolutly nothing unless you measure them from your own connection. Your ISP could've a faster or slower connection to those servers for all you know. If you really feel the need to optimize your DNS resolving you should run your own tests. https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm
  14. Acedia

    Windows 10 vulnerability?

    There are a ton of new Windows/MacOSX/Linux vulnerabilities regularly. That's why you have to update your systems.
  15. Acedia

    My packet loss is so high

    Traceroute is Ping with a decreasing TTL