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  1. tahmid133712

    Rx 570 temp

    My RX 570 never goes above 69 degrees unless my user defined fan control is disabled in MSI afterburner and if im playing an intensive game like Metro Exodus or 2033 or something.
  2. tahmid133712

    RX 570 suks thicc pole.

    I mean i got my rx 570 less than a week ago and its going strong, no errors yet, all drivers installed correctly and everything is going as expected. I have removed my GPU several times with the PSU unplugged so i could troubleshoot my ram slots and the GPU has held on fine. Try unplugging from the mains and draining the entire PC from any static by holding the power button while its unplugged. You should see the CPU and case fans spin for a second before all static is removed from the PC. Its irrelevant but it might just be the issue
  3. tahmid133712

    RAM Help

    I see now, in more detail in CPU-Z, I am told that the 2x4 sticks are both running in dual channel and the odd stick is running in single channel. Will that affect performance?
  4. tahmid133712

    GTX 1050 DELL optiplex 3010 no signal

    Not to sound rude but. If the PCi-E is outputting less than the required power for the 1050ti LP then how will you turn 50w into 75w, it's not physically possible unless you buy the standard 1050ti that has external power connectors, that card isn't going anywhere with the optiplex
  5. tahmid133712

    Dell Optiplex + RX 460

    Don't buy the Rx 460 for the optiplex whatever you do. The optiplex motherboard only outputs 35w and it will bitch slap your games and freeze them
  6. tahmid133712

    AMD RX 580 in a Dell Optiplex 390

    Late reply but, I have an Optiplex 990 Minitower and an RX 570 fits just fine. I wouldn't really go for the RX 580 as it would most likely be bottlenecked by that i5. But don't buy a sapphire card as that most likely won't fit in the case.
  7. tahmid133712

    RAM Help

    Can someone give me a more detailed answer please. I don't know if I should keep the odd stick in there or not
  8. tahmid133712

    RAM Help

    Its DDR3 1333mhz
  9. tahmid133712

    RAM Help

    Its a Dell Optiplex 990 and it does have 4 slots. Im not sure about quad channel because i only have 3 sticks
  10. tahmid133712

    RAM Help

    I dont know if its the RAM thats reducing FPS or what. I have 3/4 sticks occupying the DIMM, two of them are SK Hynix RAM of the same model 2x4GB and another is a random Samsung RAM which is also 4gb. I open CPU-z and it tells me that my RAM is being run in dual channel mode. Is that including the odd samsung stick?
  11. tahmid133712

    FPS Advice

    Vsync is turned on for all games. I'm a noob at pc gaming but is that the problem
  12. tahmid133712

    FPS Advice

    I have a 60hz Dell monitor and since I got my RX 570, I haven't seen any higher FPS than 60. I have removed all frame limits in RTSS and Radeon manager but no games go above 60fps. It's fine for me now since I'm on 60hz but is the GPU underperforming or is it outputting at lower frames to match 60hz? I also removed an odd stick of Samsung DDR3 4GB because it didn't match my 2 SK Hynix sticks although it was running in dual channel according to cpu-z, removing it somehow helped my FPS.
  13. tahmid133712

    Lag on a new GPU

    I mean right now im playing apex and the cpu is doing 60 to 70 only and the framerates are consistent and smooth and what i want it to be at
  14. tahmid133712

    Lag on a new GPU

    with gta 5 on very high the rx 570 goes to 90 to 100 percent and the cpu the same most games the cpu stays at 70 to 80 percent
  15. tahmid133712

    Lag on a new GPU

    I just got the Gigabyte RX 570 and it isnt performing as i expected it to. For example, I put Fortnite graphics settings on auto and it goes to Epic so im like meh. I go in game and the frames just drop like hell. I dont know if its the unstability of the 2019 adrenalin driver or if its my i5 2500 bottlenecking it. The i5 dosent seem to be maxing out during most games except GTA 5 so I doubt its that.