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  1. Yea, I just wanted to play GTA5 and Forza with the controller and didn't want any game ruining audio delay.
  2. Well do you get any audio delay that ruins your game?
  3. One more question, when you play games on the pc with the headset plugged into the PS4 controller, is there any audio delay? And does windows automatically set the PS4 controller as the audio input and output?
  4. Did you also use a Bluetooth dongle?
  5. My PC doesn't have a Bluetooth card or Bluetooth on the motherboard but I bought a small dongle which does Bluetooth. My question is, if I pair a PS4 or Xbox controller to the dongle, will I be able to hear sound through the 3.5mm on the controller? I don't have speakers on my setup and wanted to play games from my bed.
  6. I'm moving into a newly build house in E3 London, and i didn't want to run an ethernet cable from the router on ground floor to my pc on the first floor. Does anyone know if all new houses support power line adapters? I'm not too sure, I'm noob with networking.
  7. Not sure if I posted in the correct place but is "extra" higher than "high" in COD WW2
  8. Am aware that this is a very old thread but for anyone still looking for an answer, if you want a gaming phone that is capable of pushing games like pubg then definitely the Poco but if you're sticky with money and want a decent device with a modern look the the Redmi 7 is for you.
  9. Do you mind opening one of the MiUI apps and see if there are ads?
  10. I'm in the UK and I've heard that there are ads on Xiaomi devices but are region dependant. Any British Xiaomi users here? Im having second thoughts about the Redmi Note 7 if there are ads everywhere.
  11. Nobody is gonna buy 4x4 for that much. I bought each module for £8
  12. Because I already have 16gigs of ddr3 and Im very tight for money and didn't want to spend extra on ram
  13. But are there any boards that support it with 4 dimm slots
  14. I'm planning to get a 4790k, I already have 4x4 ddr3 modules and I'm not sure which board supports this processor, is micro ATX and has 4 DIMM slots. Someone help me pls