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  1. Ive tried ultra settings but it didn't do anything so I just left it on high
  2. Sorry for the late reply, they are both using the same config file, I have noticed that the grass does render on a few rare occasions that I boot the game but 90% of the time there is no 3D foliage. It hurts my eyes seeing flat green blobs instead of hills with lush grass. Like a head with no hair.
  3. I have both the epic and steam versions of GTA 5, the steam version spawns grass and the epic version doesn't, both games are using the same graphics config file and since I started using the epic version there isn't any grass rendered, grass setting is set to high but looks like last gen, I've also tried very high and ultra but it still doesn't render.
  4. Its the game itself, I also have an RX 570 and Ryzen 5 1600x but I get huge performance dips which vary depending on the amount of players in the lobby.
  5. I also had the same issue, I had an i7 2600 and RX 570. Its the GTA servers, they cant handle the amount of players, I upgraded to a Ryzen 5 1600x, the issue was still there, just accept it and play in a solo lobby. There isnt anything you can do about it
  6. Join this discord server https://discord.gg/Db6NpH I also have no friends so give me a shout if you want to play, my RGSC is Skylar_03
  7. I have an asrock b450m hdv, my headset is perfectly fine, the audio comes through properly but my mic volume is so low. I have checked all windows settings and application settings and the input volume is on the max. I have tried uninstalling the Realtek audio drivers but nothing works.
  8. I bought a Power A wired Xbox one controller to play on my PC, all of my games work fine with it except GTA4. The game runs fine when I use keyboard and mouse without any performance issues but the second I move a stick or press a button on the controller the game starts skipping frames so much that it becomes unplayable. Does anyone have a fix, I know it's GTA 4 but why is the controller causing this. Specs: R5 1600x 16GB DDR4 Gigabyte RX 570 4G
  9. It also happens when running around, I don't see any objects popping and my drive usage stays at a normal usage while playing.
  10. Ok so this only happens in online, none of my parts are going 100% and I get some disturbing frame drops while driving around in online. I've even upgraded my system from an i7 2600 because of this issue but it didn't help and I just wasted money. 2 days ago in a session I was getting a stable 60fps after putting the GTA5.exe priority to high, but now even with the high priority the frames still drop to the 40s even in private lobbies. I've been searching for an answer for ages. None of my cores are maxing out while playing and my temps are fine. My specs ar
  11. This issue only occurs in online, I don't think my system is at fault
  12. CPU sits at 53°C, GPU 70°C, VRAM usage 3600mb/4096mb, RAM speed is 2666mhz.
  13. No the FPS drops still happen
  14. I have a HDD and SSD for OS but this only happens when I set the CPU priority to high.
  15. I set GTA 5 to high because it seemed to fix my low FPS in online