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    Asus z170k
  • RAM
    16Gb ddr4 corsair vengance
  • GPU
    Asus ROG Strix 2060 OC 6Gb
  • Case
    Fractal design S2 white TG
  • Storage
    Vortex 250gb ssd, samsung green 1Tb, 500mb evo ssd
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    Be quiet pure power 530w
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    Samsung 27" LPS 1440p 75hz freesync
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    Windows 10

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  1. Bartholomew

    TN panel?

    Really? Check out colour correctness (not equal to just gamut) and viewing angles... Which is "better" depends on the intended use though; is for example high refresh gaming more important than photo or video editing for example. Your post is mixing refresh rate, resolution and panel type into a mix just based on price, not intended use. Help us help you by telling what you do most (gaming, homework, photo/video editing) and your setup (a 144hz 1440p or 4k wont do you anythjng if the gpu is ten years old for example). Then we can advice in a direction
  2. 3 fan cards are usually quieter than less fan cards, however theres more to the story than just the fan count. 3 fans also usually means longer card, longer card means longer heatsink, more area to dissipate heat so even with fans off, it will help it taking longer to reach fan on temps (so when not gaming causing 100% load but diing other styff with lower loads or just short spikes in load, fans remain off). Then on to rog just looks cool; true, and part of price premium is there, however strix cards usually ( not all) have premium vrms with absolute overkill vrms. That translates to larger surface area of components, connecting to more heatsink surface, well spread, contributing again to longer/more consistent fan off state. Then theres the heatsink, how many fins, heatpipes and thickness (1.5, 2 or 2.5 slots, makes a biiiiig difference not only how often fans kick in but as well how far they need to ramp up). Rog/strix is on the higher end of that (usually, but not all). But just like assuming brand x mobos or brand y psus are "good" or "bad" (or in this case: quiet), assume nothing, read reviews etc. I know first hand that 2060 strix is excellent but have read tnat vega strixes where not the best vrm due to coil whine i think (which is entirely unrelated to amd vs nvidia mind you, vegas are just as good as 16xx or 2060/70). Good news is, most recent gpus except blowers are usually "quiet enough" unless your obsessed with "silent pc" motto like me . Youll enjoy rx580, ex ellent bang for buck!
  3. Hi! You will enjoy it; esp the sdd speed as you mentioned! World of difference. 2600 is a heck of a $ to performance deal atm, so good job overall imho! Watercoolling, yeah, given the strict budget air could have savd a bit, and less maintenance and perhaps noise, lesson learned. However it will allow you to experience having watercooling, thats worth something in the longer run. Hope you enjoy every minute with it, at 1080p it should zip along nicely, esp when avoiding the "ultra" settings on some games (you wont miss anything by that). Use it, get fammiliar with it; tweak, expand and upgrade someday and surely over time youll be confident enough to do the next build yourself Enjoy!!
  4. Id suggest a good 'ol cmos reset by removing battery and/or clr cmos jumper (power off first) s churl already suggested Something in bios else likely got "confused" with the cpu swaps, and "thinks" its okay (posting) but somewhere something isnt. Hope it helps!
  5. Tanks for the info! Much appreciated; As for the dead cmos battery, was that gigabytes conclusion somewhere? (Since gigabyte reported back on it and was able to reproduce that issue). Since x570 is relatively brand new delivering boards with dead batteries would not be nice (and id assume its something they checked before acknowledging the issue...). Anyway, since my memory was off on that one (only sometimes happening after no power instead of sleep mode) for me its a non issues since i unplug maybe twice a year. On the sli, dont have it, never will (its not the reason i want the pro over the edge); but good to know anyway! Since you onw(ned) the board, and have large gpu(s), how was your experience regading gpu blocking part of the chipset fan? Again, much appreciate the info!
  6. Hi, thanks for responding! Yeah the elite and pro doint have dual bios iirc, so that should be an issues. Ive found the thread i was reffering to and seemingly i mixed up some stuff; it was about cold boot after unplug from mains (less of a concern to me) I was reffering to this thread (its about elite, but bios is mostly shared i think): excerpt: " The only issue i have with this board is that everytime i shut down and then turn the PC back on i have to go in the bios and enable XMP. It seems my bios settings reset every time i boot up after shutdown. R7 3700X | 32GB @ 3200MHz CL16 | Aorus X570 Elite | GTX 1080Ti • 10d I have the same issue. Any luck in finding a solution yet? I'm on F4j, and was hoping it would have been fixed in that update" Anyway, thanks for the reply! As far as im concerned this item is "closed" as a worry for me now
  7. No, you talked about two (not 100), then claimed (after op asked specifically about asus strix e following your post) "they" (as in "both") had no mechanical parts, which -at least for the strix- is false information.
  8. Strix e has active cooling = fan. That they hide it under fancy shroud doesnt mean it isnt there https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-Strix-X570-E-Gaming/
  9. Hi, Im about to purchase one (after weeks of puzzling which mobo to pick); and am hoping that current owners can answer some questions 1) ive read about gigabyte bios bug on reddit, persisted over 3 gens am4, concerning losing bios settings after system sleep. Havent heard its been fixed yet, so wondering if you ran into this or not.. Im especially concerned losing fancurves etc. Any feedback on eyecatching or annoying bugs in latest bios would be appreciated. 2) for thick and long gpu combination, how much of the chipset fan is covered by your gpu? Ill be using a strix rtx with fan off mode and would hate fore the strixes hughe heatsink to dissipate enough warm air around the chipset fan to make it spin-up. 3) there are 2 ext temp sense headers; manual does not list actual sensors as box content; where to find correct sensors? I have some laying around from old fancontroller but not sure how many types there are.. (Or do i misunderstand that feature?) 4) whats the post time like (after enabling each and every fast boot option)? Im coming from intel and know amd post is longer but rather not have to wait too long between power and usage. Thank you in advance, any hands on info is highly appreciated!
  10. Youll want a ips panel width decent delta E (that should get you started reading on difference in tn, va, mva and ips panels). Read a few good monitor reviews where they use colorimeters to check color accuracy, black and white uniformity etc. With that as a basis visit a store that has a variety of them on show and look at them side by side closeby and from a distance. That should give you a feel of what terms like viewing angle, backlight bleed, banding, amut and vibrancy mean in practice. The good news is, withthat knowledge it should be relatively easy to find a decent screen for any budget. Make a shortlist then, come back here with a budget indication and heaps of good people can help you decide.
  11. Check you dont have a framerate target set in any overclocking software. So only bf3 is running above 75fps and others arent? Thats different from your original post, or slight misunderstanding there...
  12. If a 2060 is at 57% load and 50'c with fresh drivers, the problem is likely with windows or the cpu. The card is waaaaay below throttling temps and not getting enough work to do handed by the cpu. Run some cpu benches and compare the result with your friends, or swap back to tthe 1060 temporarily and check if the problem persists or not between the cards.
  13. I think was meant to ask along the lines of: Does using that also sign entered email up for 5000 spamlists (like tge "unsubscribe" buttons in spam do ) id also like to know..
  14. This! Just try the mobo first, itll run fine, at most the fan header is bad. But like werecatf said, dont go shorting things....