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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus z170k
  • RAM
    16Gb ddr4 corsair vengance
  • GPU
    Asus ROG Strix 2060 OC 6Gb
  • Case
    Cooler master silencio
  • Storage
    Vortex 250gb ssd, samsung green 1Tb
  • PSU
    Be quiet pure power 530w
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 27" LPS 1440p 75hz freesync
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Bartholomew

    2080 ti temps

    Is that doll sitting on the gpu? Have more photos of this rig? (Can refer to other post if i missed that) (Sorry, cant help with the temps but am now curious of the "showcase"
  2. Bartholomew

    Artifacts on brand new 2080ti Strix

    Ive seen them once (the invaders) but in exceptional conditions (during a oc scanner run with insane settings); scared the bejesus out of me. They never returned (been a month or so) in my case though. Hower going by your story with also poly artefacts and instability (with invaders showing afterwards) id be a lot more worried. One of the psu gurus (jonny or stefan) are better suited to answer psu related worries. If you say voltages seem fine: if not measured under prolonged load using adequate equipment like oscilloscope or anything like that it doesnt mean much. If yiur psu is a real concern best to open a topic in psu forum, stating all components specs and symptoms. Since i only saw the phenomena once (invaders and crash at same time) dyring oc scan (whuch messes wuth clocks and voltages) you might be on to something if this isnt isolated but just one example if issues in general with components while using this psu. 2080ti is a power hungry beast so might be related.
  3. Bartholomew

    Artifacts on brand new 2080ti Strix

    Yup RMA; search the net for "rtx space invaders"; (nickname for artifacts in last screenshot) some card have presumably faulty memory. Can happen with any brand rtx card, so dont think changing brand or model will prevent it.
  4. Bartholomew

    Gpu problems

    "Ddu, display driver uninstaller" just a tool someone made and now everyone uses. Use the quoted part for searchng the net, if you found your way here to the ltt forum likely youll be able to find ddu as well (make sure to use some reputable download source, maybe someone else in this thread has a recent reliable source link).
  5. Bartholomew

    Question about screen tearing

    Indeed, (also see my vsync post above for intro). With vsync off but fps capped close to monitor refresh through other means (afterburner, catalyst or otherwise) rendering/swap will be at "nearly" the same pace, but not synced to monitor. Result is tear position wont be semi random but near earlier frames position (casung tear line to usyally slowly move up or down). Because consequetive tears now being visually close and the up or down creap added to it (making it a 2 axis visual phenomenon) that can look much more pronounced and noticable. This is why vsync causes fps cap, it basically hold back the next gpu ouput frame until the monitor finished writing the last (bottom) scanline. Free/gsync kind of reverses the principle: monitor will hold current frame, waiting for next to arrive (this is why monitor needs to support it and not just the vidcard) instead of vidcard waiting for monitor "next" vsync signal at fixed rate. Hence no tearing with either vsync or g/freesync on. Basically freesync is variable rate vsync and the sync interval is determined by gpu frame-by-frame instead of monitor using fixed interval.
  6. Bartholomew

    Gpu problems

    Assuming you ddu'd first can give clean current drivers a go.(ddu is more thourough than just clean install without ddu first). Can always ddu again and possibly try ealier versions (someone else can likely explain how). Hopefully ddu and reinstall resolves it!
  7. Yes, however commonly theres a hot and cool side and hot side needs to dissipate heat (with now the added heat from used current). That, and condensation risk wouldnt be worth it to me. Placing radiator outside of case (and not above it ) would mitigate the risk. I see post above beat me to it
  8. Bartholomew

    Are tensor cores and RT cores the same thing?

    Interesting thoughts! Are you sure about "they are?" (As in confirmed source?) Or just convinced? (Im not comletely disagreeing btw) I suspect rtx cards have primarily better / different cache layout/algorithms (possibly switchable or programmable internally by the driver). For efficient raytracing 2 things are needed; 1)quick intersection (im assuming this is what the rt cores do, thats why there is the 2 level acceleration struct is there in the dx12 api). Its for acceleration (sw or hw) of that process. 2) quicker shader/texture change (since for each pixel multiple shaders can hit in "random" order, both shader and texture switches are traditionally slow ops hence rendering engines sort - amongs other things - their displaylists on them to prevent so called "swaps"). Predetermined core allocation for the shader programs becomes hit and miss due to now per pixel instead of per tri / instance batch. So optimisation (redist of shaders programs loaded over n amount of cores needs to rely much heavier on the hardware) 1 is feasible in software (this is simmilar to usual game hit/intersection test albeit in larger volume and recursive) 2 depends in the cache architecture and raw speed if the card and of course through optimisation for especially shader reloads on the "normal" cores (texswaps are already traditionally heavy optimized due to the increasing buffers, shader swaps not so much due to increasing core counts until now alleviated the need). This also explains in a nutshell why dxr is possible on non rtx optimized hardware albeit with reduced perf; and also why dxr makes for such a big performance hit because with more rt cores more parralel rays can be processed in turn needing more regular cores, aggrevating the swap/distribution caching challenge... (in addition to possible multi shader pp due to reflect/refract/diffused recursed hits). And that is why I think you might be right on the software lock, but likely if its just a hw or sw lock it doesnt really matter as unlocking/reallocating more cores to rtx most likely would no longer improve the rtx performance (not without scaling shader and rendering units proportionally) due to stuff mentioned above. So even if they should be the same, in use they'll likely be distrubuted/used as per the "named spec". I can imagine the average end user finds "some are tensor, some are rtx" a bit easier to digest than any wall of text i just wrote (regardless of correctness or not of al my guestimated assumptions )
  9. Bartholomew

    Will Google's Chrome become second?

    Can appreciate that; years ago I actually worked on some internals of gecko (together with someone from IBM; it related to graphics/rendering parts). Every now and then i still get notifications on tickets I at one point was involved with Must admit im on chrome now as a end user
  10. Bartholomew

    Major Malfunction

    Try another monitor?
  11. Bartholomew

    Question about screen tearing

    I think if its without vsync, since then videocard swaps/writes the buffer while the "previous" frame is still being ouput. This is regardless of framerate as far as i know, the tear occurs due to not syncing frame change of output with new "start of frame" being begun by the monitor; monitor is then still writing last from - top to bottom - hence the vertical shift anywhere "mid screen" At 144hz might become less noticable if gpu can provide 144+ fps because relative motion between frames will be less on average with the extra frames compared to 60hz
  12. Turn on logging in hwinfo; chances are temp drops quickly when yiu alt tab to desktop. Can check the log after play if values are closer (or run win small windowed mode) Unless you use 2 monitors of course then i dunno.... maybe someone else knows then
  13. Bartholomew

    Gpu problems

    Try ddu in safe mode, then reinstall driver. That directx error is likely due to driver (sub) component stuck in a background update loop. Depending on the sw running the reporting can vary in form/text (this screenshot is pretty much the raw directx api exception message).
  14. Relevant, you just dont seem to differentiate between a generic software interface and a conrete (propriety or not) implementation. This is asserted by you question, "name one", as its easy to name like 10 open interfaces all having proprietairy implementations... Easypeazy Atx, standard size / external interface (think directx) implemented in custom, proprietairy ways (think rtx) Ddr2 ddr3 ddr4, same slot/interface (think directx) implemented in custom, proprietairy ways (think rtx) Ssd: some use qlc to be big and cheap, others use different, all proprietairy implementations. Same interface however, different speeds, different implementations. X86, amd and intel, both propriety implementations Etc etc Dxr is a interface, part of directx12. Rtx is just a implementation / acceleration. People think its the same "because nvidia" however nvidia just helped defining required interfaces for a common problem (interfaces that anyone could implement). Forget about raytracing for a second; just regular "draw a triangle" through a direct x interface; behind that interface directx will have the driver (driving *proprietairy* hardware implementation, nvidia or amd) draw it. Dxr is no different except that nvidia is only one currently providing implementation. Granted over time rtx will indeed die, simply because general (cude or otherwise) will attain speed / flexibility enough for the task (same likely with tensor cores). Just not for the reasons stated earlier (esp since one of them was lower end not supporting it, which from april they will, which confirms simply that its just acceleration of dxr which can have multiple implementations, software (fallback, already exists for dev), hw common (like on older gtx) or hw dedicated (rtx or whatever anyone else comes up with). And unless amd want to just "partly" support dx12 most likely sooner rather than later they will provide an implementation as well, esp now that big engines will make use of dx12-including-dxr as well.
  15. Bartholomew

    Help with downloading files in Java

    Well done pretty much had to be the url; sometimes hard to spot and so easy to overlook, good job!