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    X570 tomahawk MAG
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    32Gb ddr4 corsair vengance 3200cl16
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    Rtx 3090 24mb
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    Fractal design S2 white TG
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    Vortex 250gb ssd, samsung green 1Tb, 500mb evo ssd, kingston a2000
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    RM850x corsair
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    Samsung 27" LPS 1440p 75hz freesync
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    Dark rock pro 4
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    Windows 10

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  1. As long as stock is low, demand is high, its more than likely. Im in europe, and got a 3090 for 1650 eur around sept/oct; they went out of stock swiftly, and prices went up to about 2000 eur for the 1 or 2 models that had (limited, like 1 or 2) in stock every few days (among which the model i got). Then comes cristmas season: the card i got went as high as 2500 eur. Currently, they seem back to normal-ish, 1700-1900 eur. Supply and demand....
  2. Yup. On a msi tomahawk x570 and zotac 3090: same, 4 fast beeps, instead of rhe single post beep, but no other issues. Runs fine. Ive googled this extensivly and indeed more people have this in a variety of mobo and gpu brand combinations with 3000 series. but aside of the omnious beeping, theres no negative effects to be noticed. Will likely resolve over time with vbios and or mobo bios updates. You are not alone, so dont worry, doesnt indicate broken parts
  3. I second this... Depends also on what 2060, a strix oc can do 225w (and transients/spikes of 10 to 20ms can peak 1.5x that). Label says 420w on 12v, so personally id upgrade the psu. Likely "it will work" but so does driving without seatbelts.
  4. Dont read to much into it; its lets say 0.4fps (4k) to 3fps(1p80p) slower in some games. Its just a lower end card just like the gigabyte eagle and msi trio (the trio has quieter cooler but under the hood its about the same, you just pay $200 extra for a extra 3rd pcie power connector that serves no purpose as its vrm cant handle more than 2 connectors current lol). I have one (trinity 3090), and yea its got the "bad poscaps" (which arent poscaps anyway) and have had 0 crashes (bought it *after* the crash hype was resolved with new driver). So much like as with the caps "iss
  5. Out of curiosity, what output device are you targetting that needs 16k? Likely, depending on the software, its running out of memory (ram of cpu conversion, but if ai is involved most likely gpu vram; 8k editing already do like cards like 3090 with enough vram to go around).
  6. They can Maybe the ramstick can, but the combination with cpu and motherboard cant, especially with other oc's applied. Run everything stock, then try xmp and see what happens. If your not on x570/b550 then xmp is basically above jedec spec and thus a oc for the mobo, not guaranteed to work no matter what the ram or xmp profile says.
  7. Tele does not relate to prime. A prime lens can be a tele. You likely mean prime (fixed focal length) vs zoom (variable focal length). Right...... Id get something like a 300mm 2.8 then. Thats is BOTH a prime and a tele, so you only need 1(not 2) to fullfill those requirements Sony, canon, nikon, at that pricepoint lenses are very good. But wide or tele, prime or zoom, all brands systems have pretty much equal lineups: 1. Decent cheap primes (fixed focal length) 24-135mm rusually pretty decent optics, but lack build qu
  8. Tele does not relate to prime. A prime lens can be a tele. You likely mean prime (fixed focal length) vs zoom (variable focal length). Grocely generalizing, zoom equals bad (think corner softness, vignetting, chromatic abberations, narrow apperture at longest focal point, slow zoom, hood can only be good for the wides angle - does nothing at lowest angle etc. Etc.). Below $1000 its hard to find good zooms that dl justice to modern sensors. Additionally, tele zooms tend to wind up being used at their max zoom position 99% of the time. So that leaves primes, and it depend
  9. Ok so likely it isnt a psu safety tripped then. Yeah thats what you see when its not (yet) shutting down but if some air bubble in aio (or just a misreading by cpu) causes a spike cpu temp reading, it could cause a shutdown. thats why i suggested logging (to a file, frequently), as you might catch a glimpse of that (would need a few times try due to timing as it can occur within a split second) should that be the case.
  10. Run a cpu temp and voltage logger. Good chance its temp spikes or volt fluctuations, but bet is on temps. What makes a difference if you can restart using front panel power button, or does it require psu back switch on/off cycle?
  11. Might not make a difference, but it will depend strongly on the type of conversion. If you are transcoding I dont think any cpu will deliver 600mb/s comverted data to any drive Im running a 12 core, and even then conversion or editing of 4k material doesnt make a noticable difference if i work of one of my sata or nvme drives. If you do a lot of large file conversions/editing/postproduction (like me, about a few 100gbs 4k stuff worth a month) then also keep an eye on write endurance specs when looking for a ssd (some have double of others at the same pricepoint, a
  12. Congatulations on getting it to work to make this thread usefull to others that might face a simmilar issue please shed some light on what "somthing" is and some background how it took 4 months to try it. Might be a inferesting read and save somelne else from weeks or months in frustration
  13. Only one way to find out, chances are slim someone tried the combination as that board is intended for (extreme / ln2) overclocking. "Likely" it will work, as 3200 on x570 and ryzen 3xxxx series is within jdec spec and thus not considered a overclock anymore. So why pick the one of the most overclock oriented board on the market? (Maybe you just like the look?) Might find this thread interesting (not so much the OP but the history and result of chosing the board, was warned beforehand its a OC board, and very surprisingly was disappointed after since he d
  14. Ssd or hdd storage? 1080p or 4k footage?
  15. Tomahawk x570, its off way most of the time, if its on its inaudible, never headd it wine. Thing to conskder though is the specific board and gpu; boards that have the fan high (close to pciex16-1) will have the fan (partially or totally) blocked by longer gpus. Gpus now have fan-stop as well, but that means they radiate onto the chipset. So skme clmbos can cause chipfan always spinning or ramping up. Likewise, a long 3 slot cooler gpu will overlap some bit even when the chipset fan position is lower like on the tomahawk (my 2.5 slot cooler strix 2060 just clears it by