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    i5-6600k (4.8ghz)
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    Asus Z170 Pro
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    Gskill Ripjaws 4 3200mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080ti FE

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  1. Any one know what the fix for just windows apps running like shit, my computer runs normally when I'm running any other application then ill launch the Xbox app or windows store, or even the windows search bar and they take forever to load or just randomly crash. I've terminated them and reset all data in the application menus, reinstalled the ones I can to no avail, The only thin I can find on other forums is I have to clean install, And I would really prefer not spending my weekend reinstalling all my applications but If I have to I will. Thanks in advance
  2. Cant find a 3600 or 3600x cheaper than that, hence why 3600xt
  3. Budget (including currency): pref $400-500 for CPU and New mobo Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Really need for CAD workload, AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino. Games, Apex, LoL nothing to crazy Other details Existing GPU: RX 5700 XT, Play at 1440p So ive been waiting for Ryzen to upgrade my system and I was being patient since all I really was doing was gaming and my 6600k was fine for the most part. But now with pandemic part 2 im back to working at home and my PC is struggling with my CAD workloads and with Ryzen 5000 series nowhere in stock, I fi
  4. I currently have 16gb 3200 hz, wouldnt a 2600 be a downgrade from a i7-8700, I can go higher than $200, thats just the price my buddy was offering to sell that to me since it was the price he bought if for.
  5. So Ive been rocking my 6600k for a good while now but I know its time for a upgrade. I was toying with the idea of going to the 3600, but figured that I might as well wait for the new Ryzen chip launch next year, however a friend of mine who is obsessed with craigslist bought a i7 8700 non k ,B360 mobo, with 2400 hz 16gb of ram combo for 200 (Pre-pandemic) that he planned on just flipping so he kindly offered it to me for that price if I wanted it. While I don't really like the idea of being a "dead" platform, it would be a significant upgrade for pretty cheap. What are y'all thoughts? wait fo
  6. Need help picking which 5600XT to get, I had heard some had thermal issues and wanted to know which ones to stay away from. I was going to go with the Sapphire Pulse since sapphire always seems to have 0 problems with their coolers, but want to hear what you guys think? Thanks!
  7. I've got the Samsung space monitor, it only has two ports a HDMI and a Mini DisplayPort. I want too hook my switch up so I can stop yanking the HDMI cord out every time. Anyone have any idea what cable I need, if i want to go from my gpus full size DisplayPort to a Mini DisplayPort on the monitor?
  8. Ive seen this thing! its pretty awesome technology, ugly as sin but very interesting
  9. I'm looking to add a pocket shooter to my very amateur photography set up, while I know my way around a camera, I've never had a mirrorless or a point and shoot for very long so not fully knowledgeable in the field. But I am planning a couple week long vacation trip and don't really wanna bring around my DSLR and lenses. So when a buddy of mine sent me an ad for a Panasonic GM1 locally for around $265. Obviously I'm interested in getting it so cheap, but feel free to recommend something else was looking to not spend more than $800. Was also looking at Sony rx mark 3
  10. Yup that's what I found out when I was reading it, I purchased the essential phone, I'll give it a shot.
  11. Not that I cant afford more than,I financially could, but morally wont. I dont know I just cant wrap my head around spending $600+ dollars on a cellphone, I get it that these phones have all the bells and whistles but would rather save the money or spend it on something else like my kids haha. Will have to read some more reviews though, I would rather have a reliable phone than a pretty one.
  12. Is this Sprint compatible? I didn't think any of the Asian phones were accepted on Sprints network.
  13. Cheers, Saw this and was thinking about it haven't followed it super closely but I did hear about multiple problems with the Essential Phone, camera, screen, and reception, are these fixed? Also dont worry bout the time I live in LA to ive got more time than you do :).