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  1. Mine either. But I'm 38 and I do what I want.
  2. Seems silly to intentionally use an unlocked CPU on a morherboard that can't overclock. Ignore the i3-8350k/H310 in my sig..LOL
  3. What do you do with your system again besides VR?
  4. Personally, apply another $24 and get a 3600. The difference in IPC is much much more noticeable and well worth your $24. Going from a 2200G to the 1600AF/2600/2700 will get you more cores and threads, but IPC difference is like...eh. You won't notice it almost at all outside of more multi-threaded apps. The 3600 will get you noticeably more punch pretty much at everything. https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-3600-12-Thread-Processor/dp/B07STGGQ18/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=3600&qid=1582076043&sr=8-4
  5. I overclocked my locked 8700 and 9400.......but it was pretty small margin and ultimately not worth the trouble.
  6. It's the nature of laptop components. It's ALWAYS a compromise. You simply cannot supply them with enough power, nor cool them as well as you can a desktop, and laptops with the same specs from different manufacturers/models will perform vastly different than one another based on implementation. Most of them are always teetering on the edge of thermal throttling no matter what you do. As stated, you can try to undervolt, throttlestop, and repaste/liquid metal cooling parts but you're ultimately limited by thermal constraints as well as power limits by the manufacturer that you really can't change. Part of buying into laptops is accepting their limitations they impose due to the portability tax.
  7. Subtle I'm too strong for my own good thread In all seriousness, that sucks. Hope the RMA process works smoothly. Alternatively can't you go to the retailer and get a replacement?
  8. A 4300 is in practice a dual core with smt. It's a waste of money, but upgrading to an fx-8350 will bump you up to am in practice quad core chip and it will act like a 4/8 chip. If you can score one cheap or free, it's worth it.
  9. Spend $80 on a used rx 470/480/GTX 970 And for the love of God $20 on a 120gb SSD for Windows
  10. Generally speaking, it only becomes "too much" when it starts to spill over too much when you tighten down the cooler. The clamping force will force out any unnecessary paste so it won't be "too much" in the respect of interface, but can become "too much" if it spills over the sides onto other components. Bottom line, rarely too much, often not enough, and a little too much is better than not enough.
  11. Ive been using afterburner overlay (only for benchmarks) and also custom fan curves (via adrenaline) without issues
  12. Different pastes don't really affect that much, definitely not to the extent you experienced. Probably mounting pressure or not enough paste. Glad you sorted it out
  13. I'd be really surprised if that cooler couldn't handle 1.32v if everything is working correctly It's an older chip, perhaps the toothpaste dried up under the ihs
  14. Make sure it's installed correctly and everything is functional. Plug in all the appropriate cables
  15. First word starts with P Second word is Hub
  16. No, but the guy you quoted did, so that's the context
  17. I can tell you I'm not even considering upgrading from my 8700k.
  18. Didn't fry any systems, either. Just throttled.
  19. did it enable some form of MCE in BIOS? or is there an overclock present?
  20. The AMD cards generally do need more user tweaking for best performance; my 5700xt ran at 100c hotspot and 90c temp at factory settings....but that was with the performance BIOS and basically stock P3 voltage of 1.25v and maximum fan of like 35% lol A minor undervolt to P3 2099mhz/1125mv, and aggressive fan curve up to 70% fixed it. Also my Vega card had similar requirements for maximum efficiency
  21. Have the cheapest 5700xt available No issues with drivers, temperatures, compatibility I wonder if it's people on AMD CPU/Motherboard systems who are primarily experiencing difficulty....
  22. Optane is one of those technologies that sounds good in theory, but in practice falls short and ends up being a compromise that doesn't satisfy anything and can be accomplished better with existing solutions. Ultimately, this is my feeling on optane/sshdd's: