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James the Broke Gamer

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    the matrix
  • Interests
    airplanes and food
  • Biography
    so guys i am a male and I am sort of a kid and I wanna be rich and I wish steve jobs was still alive
  • Occupation
    hah! yeah right im 2 yung


  • CPU
    i5 3670k
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte ga something
  • RAM
    8gb adata ddr3
  • GPU
    radeon hd 6870
  • Case
    nzxt phantom
  • Storage
    500GB SSD
  • PSU
    i forgot
  • Display(s)
    24inch 1080p 60hz
  • Cooling
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  • Mouse
  • Operating System
    unactivated windows 10

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  1. linus what about closed loop GPU cooling in general?
  2. huh thats cool, couldent u build a "server" like that really cheap?
  3. the most brilliant mind of 2019: 664104530_ScreenShot2019-02-13at4_47_29PM.png.a3654690a68d4d21c707a215fd8cf661.png1052402319_ScreenShot2019-02-13at4_48_02PM.png.2a2c9ce2f793e1422c7e385b94607dae.png duz noh not how to speling vary gud some reezon

  4. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    cool, thx for answering (btw I was joking with the complicated part it is hard to be sarcastic on a forum)
  5. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    that answer is too long and complicated ( ' -- ' )
  6. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    god damnit someone leaked my selfie from a few weeks ago
  7. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    huh cule
  8. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    So I am a MacOS fan- I have a windows PC but I have a macbook (macOS mojave) and I was wondering, does one software do better at saving energy (with all the animations on and stuff) also, has the efficiency gotten better or worse since the first GUIs so if anyone just knows anything interesting about this id luv 2 here it
  9. Image result for bill gates meme

  10. WUTTT dont let my mom see this topic she will smash all of my devices then wrap my head in lead and give me a hazmat suit
  11. James the Broke Gamer

    ASUS ROG Strix Gaming RTX 2080 is very good card?

    wut do you need a 2080 for? if your 4k gaming then I understand- rog is overpriced, they make good cards, but you could probably get a liquid cooled hybrid for the same price idk
  12. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    hey man im nut a pezant I am a waffle maker
  13. James the Broke Gamer

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    yes it fits ov course and screwes in and everything, but the PSU is old and the cables are hella short
  14. James the Broke Gamer

    Ryzen 7 1700 OC tips

    ryzen 7? seeing as you have a 1070ti you probably can achieve decent fps on 1080p - 4K gaming. The Ryzen 7 was designed for workstation because it has a good core and thread count. Overclocking it if you can is a good idea, but if you are not happy with the performace you are getting from it gaming wise, then recent Intel CPU's have a very high gaming bench, but not as good as AMD for workstations, OR you can just buy a $50 air cooler (noctua makes good ones) and then overclock it very high. My friend has a i7 8700k and a 360mm AIO and he can overclock his to 5.3 ghz with no problems. my other friend who has the ryzen 5 1600 OC'd it to 4ghz with a 240mm AIO dunno if this helps, just my experience with OC hey have u thought about GPU overclocking?
  15. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    hey GabrielLP14 u have more posts then me that is what is up.