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  1. I'm leaning towards 3700x but I'm still not quite sure now is the best time. I'll give it more thought and probably some time.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I guess I'll keep the mobo. I wanted to wait more for the prices to drop, but it might take a long time since I often check the prices and it really takes time for our retailers to react, they are not very eager to sell more by cutting some. I also wanted to ask if I really should buy 3800x or I can go with 3700x since performance-wise based on benchmarks it doesn't seem like there is a big difference?
  3. Greeting, community II was planning to upgade my CPU to Ryzen 7 3800x cause I often do video editing/rendering besides my everyday work. I helped to build my friend's editing PC with 3800x and it's a beast. I have an ASRock b450m Steel Legend mATX motherboard (with latest bios installed) and I wanted ask if someone can give me some advice on should I use it with my existing MB or invest some additional cash into an x470 MB? I've searched the web and it seems like for basic everyday use my MB can handle 3800X ok. I might limit my CPU in terms of some features
  4. Chrome and multiple work applications eat up a lot, sucks that there is no workaround. Guess I'll still wait for the warranty to expire cause I'm not sure the store I bought it from will tolerate any such changes to the internals of the laptop (and it does not have quick access to RAM. Thanks for the help anyway.
  5. Greetings, community, I have a small but rather serious problem that I have not been able to deal with myself. I have HP Envy x360 15-ds0000ur (6PS65EA) laptop, it is quite slow, heavy, the display quality is horrible and I feel like I massively overpayed for it, but that's only my fault. The worst thing about it is that it has 2 slots of 4Gb RAM (total of 8, which is not that good in 2020) and because Radeon RX Vega 6 Graphics uses 2 Gb or RAM (as much as I really don't need, mostly gaming on this hardware is not an option) I have performance problems. My availabl
  6. I have a basic issue when my 5.1 system will work perfectly fine when watching 5.1 surround sound films in VLC for example (connected with 3 separate 3.5 mm), but when trying to listen to any other video or audio in Chrome or foobar2000 in stereo the sub will never work, thus cutting all the low freq. I tried two different sound cards (mb built-in Realtek and pcie Xonar SE), tried the swap LFE/center options in drivers of both of these cards but sub still refuses to play anything and is completely silent. It works in Windows if I connect it through toslink but then my
  7. Yea, I checked and it doesn't look good. Seems like AeroCool is selling these in bundles of 3 + a hub and a remote. I was unable to find this hub being sold separately anywhere yet.
  8. I got my hands on two 140mm AeroCool Edge 14 ARGB coolers. They have 6-pin connectors (but also an adapter with basic PWM connector, and two specific MB connectors I don't recognize). It looks like my MB (ASrock B450M Steel Legend mATX) is not quite compatible with 6-pin but I can still connect these fans through basic PWM and they will work I guess? I just won't be able to play around with RGB? I have an AeroCool case and I wanted to get AeroCool P7-H1 fan hub for it, but it seems like it doesn't really do much when using the fans I've mentioned since it has a bunch of 4-pins anyway
  9. I have Gammaxx 400 with an additional fan sitting on Arctic MX-4, two 140 front intakes and one back 120 exhaust. I also think (based on my OC shenanigans) that I can't really squeeze too much from my 7 1700 anyway. Thanks for the advice
  10. Meaning that I can boost CPU frequency and voltage even more and have a more reliable and cool system overall?
  11. I have an MSI B350 PC Mate ATX at home for my Ryzen 7 1700 (slight OC, 16 gb (4x4) 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX Black and a Gigabyte 1070ti). I also have 1 PCIe m.2, one SATA SSD (EVO 860) and a WD Black 1 tb. I bought ASRock B450M Steel Legend mATX for my work Ryzen 3 2200G (got it pretty cheap new from a tech reviewer on an online marketplace). I was wondering if I could achieve better performance for my Ryzen 7 1700 if I switch the boards? Or there won't be any noticeable difference? The ASRock mb has 2 m.2 slots but PCIe Gen3 one is kinda picky when it comes to SSD manufact
  12. Ukrainian secondary market is full of old server Intel CPU-based builds from like 2010 and 2011. People buy old server Intels like Xeon X5670 (also Xeon X5570 or even X3450) or desktops like i7-2600, pack it into a shiny RGB case, add 120 Gb cheapo SSD, GTX 1060 and the cheapest 500W power supply and try to sell these as "gaming beasts" (advertising it like 6 CORES 12 THREADS BEAST!). Besides all the old standards and connectivity options (like DDR3, USB 2.0 and stuff) I wonder if there's like any reason to buy these for like a work PC? It looks like a scam though since I doubt that an 8 y.o.
  13. The system works just fine without the SSD. And the SSD itself has no visible damage, I always try to use minimal force when installing something. It's also weird that after I understood that the M.2 enclosure was incompatible, I removed the ADATA one and tried to use my SATA M.2 with it and it worked just fine, no problems whatsoever.
  14. I used A-Data XPG SX6000 for some time. Then I decided to get something faster, so I switched SSD's and wanted to use this ADATA one as an external SSD. I bought Transcend M.2 SSD Enclosure Kit and tried to use it, but it didn't work (never showed up anywhere). It wasn't long until I realized that I've put PCIe M.2 SSD into M.2 enclosure that supports SATA interface only. Now here's a thing, after some time, I upgraded my work PC with a mobo that has two M.2 slots, so I wanted to re-use this ADATA SSD at work. When I put it in, I was first unable to format it under windows installa
  15. Kuarinofu

    DAC question

    I hope it's fine. No, no additional stuff. It's fine now anyway, hopefully.