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  1. I have the change to get my hands of a replaced Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3104 Processor (replaced in an academic workstation to increase the computational power) Do you guys have any suggestions on what I could build using this CPU as a base?
  2. rf97a

    Old server for network storage

    Thank you
  3. rf97a

    Old server for network storage

    Thank you for the advice. At the moment I am about to exceed 6 TB, but this is really a conservative estimate. I have a collection of music and movies I have yet to copy the the existing NAS. So to be a little "future proof" I am thinking about 15-20 TB
  4. rf97a

    Old server for network storage

    Yes, I know that servers can be loud Fortunately my plan is to place this device in my workshop-room where I really don´t spend that much time. Perhaps making an insulated case around it (ventilated off course) to maybe soften/dampen the noise?
  5. Hi I´m looking for possible solution for a network storage for the family. Just access of media library, backup of pictures, phones and laptops. No need for heavy tasks, mainly storage. Looking at the existing solution (WD mycloud) and I am not impressed with the stability, the speed. Not really interested in expanding that solution. So after looking at an old LTT video (Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap!) I was wondering what would be the "minimum requirements" with regards to CPU and RAM you guys would recommend? From a local website I found a HP Proliant ML350 G5 (E5420 CPU with 2x 1GB RAM and 4 disks (unknown size)) for 65 USD. Would hardware like this to the job? I would guess a little more RAM would be to prefer? I have never built a computer/server like this before, and have absolutely no idea about what hardware that is required for this "simple" task. Your advice would much appreciated edit: sorry for posting in the wrong sub