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  1. dtleonard

    Where did the search bar go?

    Haha i thought i was going blind thank for the google search tip lol
  2. dtleonard

    Where did the search bar go?

    Am i blind and can't find a search bar or is there not a search bar. Sorry for the dumb question lol Derek
  3. dtleonard

    Mineral Oil PC Kit Giveaway

    would love a sweet fishtank home theater PC mini itx
  4. dtleonard

    What’s the worst part of your rig?

    The amount of dust, dirt, and dog hair my PC collects
  5. dtleonard

    removing os from HD

    I have a Samsung 450GB harddrive that has win7 on it and I'd like to use the drive with another drive that also has win7 I would like to remove win7 completely off of the drive but keep all other files Is this possible? Thanks for you help
  6. dtleonard

    Most embarrassing PC part you have?

    stock AMD cpu cool
  7. An old PC my mother had wont boot properly i put a hard drive that has Windows already installed.Does any one have any idea what it could be? Thanks in advance PC specs Intel pentium 4 2.8ghz x2 256 MB of ram Dell lga 775 motherboard Raidmax 420 watt power suply Samsung 500 GB hard drive Here is a video of what its doing.
  8. dtleonard

    Nes Gaming PC

    coolest case ever nice build
  9. I saw some of these on another site i thought it would be cool to show what broken pcs you've seen
  10. dtleonard

    Non-greasy Gaming Snacks?

    Chees-its or goldfish crackers
  11. dtleonard

    What's Your Favorite Web Browser?

    Google Chrome and i have about 3-5 tabs open at any givin time
  12. dtleonard

    Gaming Rig For Under 800

    Thanks guys sorry for the late reply Yes i have a hard drive with all of my games and software If the power supply isn't sufficient enough is there a power supply you guys would recommend?
  13. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/T6pB If any can help me out by double checking everything will work together and if I'm getting "bang for the buck" Thanks everyone for your time
  14. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Rd3d Basicly im useing a hard drive that has an os. (W7) This pc will be used for gaming. I would like some room for an sli setup in the future. I have a budget of $750 US dollars If I left anything out please ask. Thanks in advance