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    AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
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    HP Sunflower
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    Samsung 8 GB DDR4-3200MHz
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    Zotac GTX 1660 (6GB GDDR5)
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    Case for 590-p0024 | Gray & Silver w/ cube pattern on front)
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    400W OEM HP PSU
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    Gateway FHX2300
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    E-Element Z-88 & Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Naga Trinity
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    Speakers & Headphones
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Samsung J2 Dash

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  1. I don't think I want another Razer mouse, as much as I love their company, this has really tarnished my view of them. The G502 Hero looks really nice. My friend bought one yesterday and absolutely loves it, more than his two Glorious Model-O's that have crapped out on him.
  2. I just put my Serial Number into their site, and no, it is no longer covered by warranty. I assume I'm out of luck? I love this mouse but I'll probably be getting something like a logitech if this won't even last a year.
  3. I asked r/razer on reddit and got nowhere, should've came to the best tech forum to begin with! Here's my post from there: I own a RAZER Naga Trinity, and as of recent there has been a problem with holding down the left click button, and it registering double clicks. This hasn't been an issue with gaming, but something as simple as dragging files or editing something in Adobe Premier can become a hassle. The double clicks are entirely random as far as I can tell. There is also a lot of play when putting my finger on the plastic, but not actually clicking. I'll have a video demonstrating what I mean. I've only had this mouse for about a year, so I'm a little disappointed. I don't have the money to buy a new mouse. Any suggestions on repairing it? Or is this just something that I'll have to deal with. Example of the weird extra play in the mouse button: (Might wanna put your volume up a bit) https://youtu.be/Mv14uCWvadM
  4. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I've fixed my issue. I used Media Creation Tool to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 10.. again. After I got my new copy of Windows, I used Media Creation Tool again to make a Boot USB. Same USB with a 3.0 port this time. There must've been something wrong with my OG Windows because the new install had no issues related to Drivers or anything like that when I installed Windows 10. The only two hiccups I had were that my HDD with Windows 10 on it still wanted to boot, so I just made sure that my SSD and USB were the only two storage devices connected. The other issue was that my SSD had to be in GPT format instead of MBR. I was able to format and fix in the CMD Prompt while in the install menu using diskpart. Thank you both for taking time out of your day to help me out, it really means a lot.
  5. I figured out a while ago that updates no longer install on my PC, so today I went to Windows Media Creation Tool to make a copy of my OS for a fresh install. But booting from the USB I'm using presents a "Missing Driver" error and I cant do anything beyond that point. I've even used Rufus to make a boot USB from an .iso and still, nothing works. I can't factory reset my PC either, after waiting 20 or so minutes I get a "Something wen't wrong and we couldn't reset your PC" error. I would LOVE to start fresh and re-install windows to my new SSD but I can't even get past removing my old version of Windows. I've spent nearly six hours on this and I'm ready to be done. Does anyone have any way I could start fresh with windows on my SSD?
  6. Noise isn't very important.
  7. Yeah, I'm alright with a dual slot. If you say my selection will do okay, then I guess I'll keep my selection at #1.
  8. Found a PSU that would work A-OK with my HP prebuilt. You can see the product specifications of said prebuilt here. Now all I need is a GPU that will fit my small form-factor case. I decided an RX 570 would be the best choice for me. The one I may choose is here. But I still want suggestions for an even smaller one. My requirements are below. -I would want it to be between 100-175 US Dollars. 200 Dollars Max. -I would prefer a single fan design so I know it would fit for sure. -Come from a well-known brand. (MSI, Saphire, Gigabyte) -4-5 Stars, Eggs, etcetera... -New or some kind of certified refurbished. -I wouldn't mind single slot but dual slot is perfectly okay. -Looks don't matter. I can't see into my PC when the case panel is on. I chose the 570 because of the decent spec and cheaper prices. If you have other suggestions for a GPU with similar qualifications from above (AMD or Nvidia) I'd be really happy to hear them.
  9. I took apart an old desktop and put the HDD in my own computer since I had a spare SATA Port. It's only 640G, but the more the merrier, right? I plan to use the old PC as an encoder yadda-yadda not really important. Up until now, I haven't had any reason to write to that drive. I wanted to install a game to it today but was met with a permission error. No biggie. I head over to F: drive >properties > Security > Everyone > Full Control. I'm the only one who uses the PC so I'd be fine with that option. When I go to click reply I'm met with an error. The computer I took the drive from was the computers ONLY drive. During its stay on that computer, it had three operating systems on it. Vista, 7, and 10. What could be the issue of this? If wiping the drive clean is a solution, it has to be a last resort. My parents had this for years before getting their own laptops. This drive could have at least 4-5 years of old tax stuff on it for all I know. I'm a dumb teenager and have no idea how any of that can be useful one day. Anything would be helpful.
  10. I have 8 GB of DDR4 total, and in task manager, I have 6.9 that's useable. Some mega math is being done and that's 1.1 GB of ram that's hardware reserved. Is this an issue that can't be resolved until I get more? This confuses me because I had a laptop before this with only 4GB of DDR3, and an i3 with HD 5500 IGPU. It ran with h264 pretty well for those standards.
  11. So I've recently been wanting to start making videos as a hobby (I won't bore you with channel details). A while back I installed OBS and set some lower-end settings for encoding and whatnot, just to be safe. But I had an issue with trying to use the H264 format. I've been stuck with H265, which isn't supported by my preferred video editor. Or I'm using x264, which is extremely inefficient in my current build. I've been able to record with H265 and play it on VLC. I have a Ryzen 3 with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. Anytime I try to use H264 encoding I get this error: I have updated my drivers, resulting in a trip to safe mode and a nice bootup of DDU. These are my current settings: Rescale Output is 1280x720 and I have no custom muxer settings. What can I do to make OBS record with H264
  12. Its raining rocks.



    1. Tech_Dreamer


      is it haram season?

  13. This sounds really weird. From my understanding, the PC will refuse to turn on if the 8-pin power on the GPU is plugged into the PSU. But it will turn on when the GPU isn't plugged in? I have two guesses for why this could be happening. 1. Your PSU is faulty and you should try and get a new one from Corsair. Corsair is still a great brand! You just got a dud. 2. This is much less likely, but your PC may be wanting more power than what the PSU can deliver. If your PC has been running for a month now, I highly doubt this. I have two solutions for this. 1. See if you can borrow a more powerful PSU from a friend that's compatible with your parts, and hasn't failed on your bud. If you can get that to run, under some kind of task, (I would recommend something like a benchmark so that it puts everything at max capacity) then you would simply need a new PSU. 2. If your a PUSS- haha just kidding. If you're a bit worried over whether or not you should test a PSU that doesn't belong to you, I would just buy a new one. If it fails again after a while, then there is something else that's wrong with your PC.
  15. In my previous post (dont bother looking back at it) I wondered if I should roll back to Windows 7. To put it into one word, don't. So it got me thinking, what do I and others want out of the next operating system that Microsoft rolls out? I'd simply like less bloatware and better optimization. What about the community? What do you want out of the next OS?