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    Occupational safety management; PC hardware and related stuff; Gaming (sports and FPS and 3rd person shooters, with good single player stories); Jogging and pedestrian nature walks; Playing football aka soccer.
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    Health and Safety Technician


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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    Asus X370 prime pro
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16 Gb
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 1080 strix
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    Cooler Master N600 Window
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    120Gb Hyper X Fury SSD+1 Tb WD Blue Caviar
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750i
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    ASUS VN248H
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    stock cooler
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    CM Storm Quickfire TK
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    Logitech G502
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    Hyper X Cloud Stinger
  • Operating System
    WIndows 10 Pro N

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  1. your first problem is something you should not do. dont turn your pc with holding down the powerbutton, it might damage your files, but do you use ethernet cable? i know that the router might be upstairs or something but you should consider something like a ethernet cable!

  2. nuclear465

    weird behaviour after windows update

    Hello. So a few days ago i decided to finally update windows with the creator fall update, and my windows after the update started to behave a little strange. 1st. It does not shutdown when ordered to, using the normal means. I have to push and hold the button for it to shutdown. 2nd. when i turn it on, it takes too long to establish a network connection. Something like 2 minutes, sometimes longer. Can you guys help me ? Best regards and thanks in advance.
  3. nuclear465

    Weird spikes on memory clock and core clock (GTX 1080)

    Forgot to mention in the op. I already did all that. First the drivers, didn't solved. Then the OS, didn't solved...
  4. nuclear465

    Weird spikes on memory clock and core clock (GTX 1080)

    Those drops happened while gaming. I was playing The witcher 2: Enhanced Edtition and noticed a huge FPS drop. Then i exited the same through the proper means, not alt+tab or ctrl+tab.
  5. Hi there guys. I think i am having some issues with my gtx 1080 that i bought a couple of weeks a go. I have been noticing that it does not perform like expected and in all games i have random framedrops. So i checked out the info in MSI afterburner and i noticed some weird drops in core clock and memory clock and at the same time with some voltage limit drops. And when in idle the core clock and memory clock spikes. Can someone explain what is going on? Printscreen in files attached. Nothing is overclocked. System: ryzen 5 1600 16gb ddr4 3200mhz asus gtx 1080 strix asus x370 prime pro
  6. nuclear465

    Used gtx 980

    Thanks. I'll check the card and if it's fine I'll buy it.
  7. nuclear465

    Used gtx 980

    Can't find a 980ti near me. I live in a small island far from the mainland. It s very hard to find quality used hardware.
  8. nuclear465

    Used gtx 980

    Good night. I have the opportunity to buy a used evga gtx 980 sc acx 2.0 for 250€. Considering that a gtx 980 is equivalent to the gtx 1060 in terms of performance and where i live these cost around 400 € new. Do you guys think I should get it? Currently I have a r9 280x and I game on a 1080p 60hz monitor.
  9. nuclear465

    PC gaming dilemma

    Yeah. Lol. I play on medium to high settings 70-80 fps average. Just because of the cpu is at 100% it drops massively to 15-30 fps.
  10. nuclear465

    PC gaming dilemma

    My cpu is not throttling. Is tested it and the temperature is fine. I have a good cooler
  11. nuclear465

    PC gaming dilemma

    Hi there! I am in the middle of a dilemma, regarding my pc that I built 3 years ago. My pc is incapable of running battlefield 1 even at low settings with everything turned off, because of massive stuttering and frame drops as low as 15 fps. I have tried everything from clean installation of windows, overclocking cpu, install in ssd, in HDD, in game tweaking, cfg files... You name it. My CPU is constantly at 100% while my gpu is around 60-70%. I have seen in a lot of different forums people with the same problem. Some say to upgrade system to 16 gb ram. Others say to upgrade cpu to an I7. But upgrading my i5 4670k to an I7 4790k is kind of hard because I can't find a used one for cheap. They are still expensive as f***. So I was thinking about upgrading motherboard + cpu + RAM and go for a ryzen system and then later buy a new gpu. Or Just increase my ram from 8 to 16gb and see if it works. The thing is, if it does not work I will be buying ddr 3 ram for nothing because I will need to upgrade motherboard with ddr 4 ram. My system specs: -msi z87 g45 motherboard - i5 4670k oc 4.3ghz - 8 gb ddr3 1600mhz - r9 280x - 1tb hdd - 120gb ssd.
  12. I also have an I5 4670K clocked at 4.3 ghz. I was thinking of buying a GTX 1070, but i am afraid of potential bottlenecks caused by the cpu. Maybe it will be better to gt a gtx 1060 and save a few € or even a RX 480. I game on 1080p. What do you guys think?
  13. nuclear465

    R9 280x to Pascal

    I also have a R9 280X, and in full load it gets around 76 degrees Celsius. My case config is 1 fan intake in the lower front of the case and 2 fans exhaust in the top back.
  14. nuclear465

    What Gapps to use in my phone

    My problem is finding what exactly is my cpu architecture. On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE is the architecture all the same between all the models or there are different ones? How do i know which one is mine ?
  15. Helo everyone ! So i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE version (GT-N7105). I am using CyanogenMod - 13.0-20160709-NIGHTLY-t0lte. After the last update the google services went nuts and stop working. So i decided to wipe the data and the cache and install again that rom. But now i don't remember what gapps i should install. Can someone help me out ? I am on the open gapps project site, but i have no idea what gapps i should download, there are tons of different versions and i don't know which one to install. Thanks in advance Best regards