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  1. personally I would NOT recommend an 80D any more, mirror less cameras are a lot better for video. an 80D would work just fine, but most importantly mirror less cameras have focus peeking witch will be important to lean and be familiar with when you step up in to more advanced work. Id recommend a Sony or Panasonic. Also then you will be able to shoot in LOG witch is also valuable to learn. mirror less cameras have a lot more cinema type features.
  2. Sorry I updated with budget and stuff. no preference when i comes to cooling but probably air as its easier to manage. size and color are un-important as well. no preferences on manufacturer. all the other questions are answered in the edit of the post i think. it is worth mentioning that he is SUPER picky about audio as well. so if a slightly better sound card can be worked in i thing he would appreciate that.
  3. So a friend of mine called and asked me to help him put together a PC build, hes focus on video and audio with some light gaming. hes a film student focusing on audio. I'm no expert on putting together a PC but i did mostly build my own pc so I can help him build it with a little extra research. but if he decides to go with a pre build, what would you recommend? and what components for a custom build. Should he get a sound card or just stick with the one in the mother board? thanks guys! Edit: Sorry We are located in the US, not sure if he needs monitor and keyboards and stuff. his budget is $1500
  4. the best two i could find are both sigma lenses. 17 - 70 F2.8-4 https://www.sigmaphoto.com/lenses/view-all-lenses/17-70mm-f28-4-dc-macro-os-hsm-c 17 - 50 F2.8 https://www.sigmaphoto.com/lenses/view-all-lenses/17-50mm-f28-ex-dc-os-hsm
  5. I Give it a 8/10 I like the composition of the photo and the lighting is great but when it comes to the technical part it's definitely missing a bit. I can definitely tell it was taken at a low shutter speed and was hand held as the image isn't very sharp, it's also very noisy for iso 800 so im guessing this was taken with a relatively old camera?
  6. i have the j7 (i spend all my money on camera equipment) and the camera is just TERRIBLE, picking up literally any point and shoot camera would be an improvement. idk about lenses for the camera tho
  7. a sony A6300 or a cannon m50 would be great mirrorless cameras for around that price range.
  8. so the ISO is what changes the sensitivity of the camera's sensor (the thing that reads the light that goes in to the camera) and the more sensitive it is, the more light it picks up. making it super bright.
  9. well i am by far an audio expert, but from what i know, if your both in the same location and there isn't a lot of movement, get a shotgun and a stand to position it properly. with lavs you have problems with ruffaling clothing and sutch along with the breath from your nose potentially blowing on it if it's positioned wrong. again, i am by far an expert but that's what I have picked up from audio engineers i've worked within the past on movie sets.
  10. glass is always a good investment. cameras lose value faster over time whare as you can use the same lense you had for a t2i on a t7i. i always recommend getting better glass first. once you have some solid lenses then you can upgrade your body.
  11. I do the adapter so i can use that lense mostly due to the fact that i do rent plenty of higher end cameras for productions (mostly ursa minis) so its nice to have, however i have been looking in to some sony lenses for bimball use as well, but i don't make much so it really takes some saving.
  12. wile all of this is good advice, to be completely honest I thing the A7III is your best option. mostly because your already familiar with it and you have one already witch means that if you need to run a 2 camera set up in future for any, unknown reason, you can do that without worrying about mating the images in post. And you already have lenses for it (id assume) witch might come in handy... all of these should be major pluses in my humble opinion. so bare that in mind as well as debating technical specs of a pile of different cameras that are all really good in there own ways.
  13. I think what he's saying is, that thing is kinda a waist of money. it probably won't make much of a difference in your video quality and as suggested if you really want to take making videos seriously you can get just as good, if not better video quality. most phone attachments don't improve on much... at least from what i have seen, HOWEVER that being said, making videos and taking pictures is, and will always be an art and how you go about making it is your own business. so, no i do not have a promo code for you and i deeply recommend you don't buy it but in the end its up to you.
  14. So, i just got done renting a ronin s for some car videos and now i really want my own gimbal... the issue i have is that im shooting on an A6300 with mc11 adapter with a sigma 18 - 35 1.8. the issue here is that the lense is way heavier than my tiny mirrorless camera and balancing it was super difficult on the ronin S. so, my question to all of you is. for those of you who have the ronin sc or other lower budget gimbals, is the cradle space big enough to bull my camera back far enough to keep it balanced? the ronin s barely had enough space as it was... i was thinking of getting a battery grip anyways so maybe get that to add some weight to that end? i already have a non electronic gimbal but when it comes to my own equipment i'm on a budget so any gimbal would take saveing for. so maybe save for the ronin s? at this point it's either a gimbal or a new camera but to be honest my camera is getting the job one and i usually rent for bigger jobs any ways... thoughts?
  15. So if your new to video i would strongly recommend a dslr. The BMPCC 6K is amazing but it really dose take time to learn and understand. You will need to rig it out and that cost extra $$$ as well you need to learn color gardening (though I suppose you could use a lut) and like previously stated there is no auto focus... or auto exposure or any thing. On top of that the 6k footage takes up a massive amount of space so you would probably need to get a few large hard drives to store your footage. If your prepared to deal with all that then go for it! If not, I'd recommend going with something from the sony mirtorless line up or maybe cannon (really depends on preference)