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  1. I have done the command prompt alredy and a .bat, I just tried running the . bat as admin and no go
  2. I was going to try that but there isnt a "run as administrator" option when i open it up
  3. So Apperently this is a common problem but ive tried all the fixes ive seen online and i dont know if im doing something wrong. Heres what I trided 1 completely re-installing java, removeing it fully then re installing it. 2 fixing the file association 3 running Jarfix 4 running it though a .bat 5 running it though command prompt 6 a system roll back to a week ago. I have fallowed along with multiple online tutorials incase i missed something. ive done each of these a few times. absolutely nothing happe
  4. more than the 2000kbs I'm that able to get now, and yes it has a sim card tray in the side unless a cellular card is something else than i don't know, I'm not skilled enough to open my laptop and I don't have those tools. I'm leaning toward giving that skyroam thing a try by renting one and buying a single day pass to see.
  5. yes I'm doing video... I cant find anywhere in the manual that says what it supports data wise but yes, I'm aware i need a card for that, I'm trying to figure out the best sim card plan to get... paying per GB isn't really the best option because as stated, I'm doing video broadcasting witch obviously takes up a lot of data.
  6. So I'm working on doing wedding/event broadcasting. and one of the biggest problems I've run in too is terrible internet on locations. So short of getting an actual satellite dish, I've been looking at wifi hotspots or putting a sim in my laptop. I've seen these skyroam hotspots that have plans that can be paid on a case by case basis. But I noticed that there "ulimited data" plan bottle necks the speed after a specific amount, I've also been looking at version hotspots but it looks like the payment plans are not as great but you can buy no contact data plans that can be paid monthly and can b
  7. So im not sure if this is technecally the place to post this but im trying to brodcast some events and someone has requested we brodcast to facebook live. I figured I better go though the motions just so I know what im doing but i cant seem to get OBS to go live. I've messed wiith using a server URL and choosing a streaming service I have tried every "bind to IP" options and I honestly dont know what im doing wrong. it useually says something like "failed to connect to server" some time it says "host name found but no data of the requested type. This can occor if you have bout to an IPv6 adres
  8. lol actually I think I found another solution, its not the best but WIX lets you do stuff like that, and the system works well enough.
  9. see, that's the struggle i cant find a reputable site that isn't meant for adult content...
  10. Hello, so because of covid I have had a few people coming to me wanting to broadcast events (mostly concerts) for people at home and i want to be able to come to them with all the options I can for how to monetize this, now I'm sure I could figure out a sort of "tips" option, and local sponsorship's wouldn't be hard either, but i want to explore virtual tickets as well? And to expand on that, is a service that handles donations for twitch streamers and stuff viable for this type of thing and can they work with YouTube and Facebook? (It's worth noting that I live in Montana and stage 2 of re-op
  11. Never Heard of the Kinefinity terra but ill look in to it. but as of right now I'm still leaning URSA mini pro g2 for its 300 FPS at 2K the BMCC is also an option I'm looking in to but it ends up being a bit more expensive when your rig it out properly. plus the sound guy hates the time code.