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  1. So a Flex ATX PSU is meant for small builds, right? Why are there no modular ones then? At least i found none, and i assume that LTT didn´t go with the one used for the lulz.
  2. @Origami Cactus Getting the black fans and the chromax covers is costing you way more than the 10$ the black one costs more. The covers are around 20$ already. I like it. Don´t need LTT version, sorry guys, as i am planning on a black/chrome build. @Velcade They aren´t really ugly. Only when you put them together with other hardware. There is no other parts that look good together with the brown/beige noctua fans.
  3. i dunno, those earbuds are not really practical. Another thing to charge. Another battery to dispose. You can´t just let them hang if you need to take them out for a short time. (yes i know there are those cables for that, but tbh, if i use that i can use normal headphones that i don´t need to charge...)
  4. If the stars are aligned right? Seriously? I mean at that price this is just unacceptable. Clearly not worth a recommendation.
  5. All the obvious stuff aside: Can you run Anno on this in the next Video? I mean with a ton of Ram and 64 Cores this thing basically asks for playing Anno in lategame.
  6. We don´t do motherboards. But we do TV´s that like 0.5% of our viewers can buy.
  7. Meh all the new phone with no or very slim basils (is that how you spell it? Non native english speaker) are too fragile. I mean i don´t drop my phone all the time but it happens. I have one with thick basils (?) that are a tiny bit higher than the screen. That thing can drop on concrete with the screen facing down and the display doesn´t have a scratch...
  8. Is this an ad for apple? Not mentioning that there is: No USB-C, no 5G, only a 18W Charger, only 64GB Ram for over 1100-1200$ 11 Pro and Promax while the 11 has 128GB for 849$.
  9. I don´t see any need for that tbh. Besides having streamers that beg you to follow on another site besides twitter, facebook, discord, youtube, instagram, patreon and pornhub.
  10. "Back in the 120, 144hz days" Seriously? I mean 144hz might be the majority right now. But i am not even sure about that. I am still FHD 60hz. All my friends execpt one also are. Some people are on WQHD or 4K with 60HZ. I´d say 50% are on 120/144hz, 10% higher, the rest on 60/75hz. Propably even to optimistic there.
  11. Remove the nipple? Why? Try Thinkbook or IdeaPad from Lenovo, they don´t have nipples.
  12. Now please make a budget build with those specs. Riddiculous how much more money than needed you can spend for getting a brand and RGB. (What does LTT usually say about things that are labeled "Gaming"?)
  13. If it has "Max" in the name it is with the new BIOS.
  14. Take a look at MSI Boards, they have Max Versions out now, with the BIOS for Ryzen 3000, that is also used on the X570 boards, already on it. The MSI B450 Tomahawk Max looks like it´s good. I see this one suggested a lot in PC Forums. Not sure about other brands with the new BIOS.
  15. I am confused. In one video they bash google for listening to audio and in this they praise the TV for having google audio control. What?