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  1. Why would anyone prefer phillips over torx? Not just at computers. Torx are superior to phillips at any occasion. I never owned apple or ever plan to, but using torx is a wise choice.
  2. The smart thing in a budget build would be getting RAM with 3000Mhz. There are very cheap options out there. Just a few bucks more than the cheapest i found with 2133. In Euro it´s just 6€ more.
  3. @kokakolia That´s not what i meant. I am talking about upgrading.
  4. @kokakolia Sticking to something because it once was the best and ignoring progression is the exact opposite of a professional mentality. That´s downright stupid.
  5. I really hope this will have an impact on all the people who prefer intel out of pure habit and not knowing better. I mean if the bling bling pay more for the pure sake of having ROG labeled hardware company uses AMD, some might start to think different and actually do some research. Good news. Really happy for the competition on the market. Now gimme Ryzen 4000 for the desktop please. I need a new CPU.
  6. @BuckGup @DoctorNick Do you drive a car daily? Do you travel by airplane? If yes, don´t talk to me about the footprint.
  7. Last time i checked a 15" with thick basels had the same screensize like one with thin basels.
  8. This obessesion with the basels. Is it just me that doesn´t give a single F if they are slim or not?
  9. Nice one. Next time maybe more genres for more tension in the tourney? RTS instead of 2 shooters maybe?
  10. @GDRRiley Well ofc. There needs to be a reason for floatplane. Can´t imagine anything else then exclusives bringing a lot of people there. Looking at my techchannels on YT i would have to pay over 30$ per month there.
  11. Now do that with partner cards instead of founders edition. You can´t buy those anymore from nvidia. Also i think AMD would do way better using a partner card.
  12. Did he really call the 9900KS a mass market cpu? WTF? I think he needs to get back to earth. Mass market CPU. Lmao. More like the CPU for the 1%.
  13. @drpopper Come again nexdt year. This years competition is over. Only the other winners are still to be announced. Also clean your PC you might get a performance boost out of that seeing those amounts of dust inside.
  14. Well ROG is overpriced Blingbling stuff. They need advertisment. Hey but at least the 3800X get´s attention. Can´t think of anyone using that CPU other than when you get it gifted.