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  1. Guess your are gonna win that bet. If they didn´t produce more of the 3070 than of the 3080 in the first place (They started production in August) it will be the same as the 3080. More than 2 weeks didn´t help a bit for the availabillity of the 3080.
  2. F the teardown. Watercool it, it´s way too loud.
  3. I would still go for the new bought but less power machine or i would save a bit and buy a better one later instead of going used parts. Used hardware can be a bitch, seen that way too often.
  4. What is going on here? Azza just released the Pyramid 806. Read about it yesterday and today this video pops up...
  5. The one thing that 99% of headsets aren´t very good at is missing: The audio test sample from the microphone.
  6. It´s legal in canada to point this at the street? Interesting. Can´t do that here. Only filming your property is allowed.
  7. You would be right if he wouldn´t have used the term "technically modern". In no way that can be applied to a GT210. Doesn´t matter if it still get´s produced or not. He pairs it with a Athlon3000G. Following your logic he should have used a Celeron single core. Those can still be bought. And a lot of other CPU´s that are way older than the one he used. I mean come on, that´s a next level noob move he made on purpose, not even people who have only a bit of an idea would pair that, simply due to the age of the card. Even PC Noobs know that. PC parts age faster than most other things we
  8. The word basically suggests that this is a term used to make a point in discussion as a comparison. Semantics and you don´t know each other, i guess. But here you go: The GT210 is an old piece of hardware that is in no scenario that you can think of a modern card. Especially you can´t count it as valid if the self applied rules are using only "technically modern" parts and all the other parts are way newer. @TofuHaroto
  9. It was exactly the term "technically modern" and choosing a GPU that is produced in one factory strenghtens my point that they wanted a certain result and did everything to get it. Everything else is way newer in this build. Gotta love how you write walls of text and don´t even know what he exactly said. And no one in the whole tech scene would use the word "modern" for a GT210, let alone the term "technically modern" That card is basically medieval stuff in terms of PC parts. Saying the GT210 is a modern card is straight forward lying.
  10. Yeah, it can mean that. Not in that context and the way he said it tough. Who tf in the tech scene uses the term "technically modern" for a card that old? @TofuHaroto What ever, you guys only see what you want to see. I would laugh my ass of, if they soon start to sell all the old, used hardware they have in storage, after saying how much better used one is, compared to entry level.
  11. I will say a million times that he said "technically modern" wich does not apply to the GT210. @Egg-Roll If you don´t wanna see that they wanted to deliver their message that entry level hardware sucks, with brute force here, you are blind. And that a product is still beeing sold, doesn´t mean it is still getting produced.
  12. @StopLoctiteOnM.2Screws You can buy it here. Still doesn´t match that he said they are only going to use "technically modern" parts that are still produced. Even if it is still produced somewhere, wich i doubt, it still doesn´t match with the "technically modern" part. I don´t get that this is defendend so hard here. They wanted to show how modern entry level hardware sucks and failed. So they put in an old card that doesn´t match their self applied rules. Can´t be more blatant. Also makes this video have zero value, with a cheap modern GPU the results would have been really intere
  13. Jeez really? @TofuHaroto Brandnew doesn´t mean modern, true. But the "technically modern" part exactly means that. Also still beeing produced doesn´t matter? He did say that. Read all of my post and watch the video again maybe?
  14. @TofuHaroto At 2:25 mins the part with still in prodcution starts. Right after he even uses the term brandnew. "The slowest brandnew parts and techically modern parts you can find" Wich doesn´t count for this card. It really feel like they figured that a modern cheap GPU wouldn´t deliver for the results they where hoping for.
  15. But he said at the beginnig they use parts still beeing produced and are considered somewhat new. Wich doesn´t go for that card. I can buy a single core CPU new from a retailer. A Celeron M520 with a whooping 1.6Ghz. He wanted to show that entry level hardware even from the newer generations doesn´t make sense. But used that GPU. Doesn´t make sense to me