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  1. What do you all think about 1440p?, Is it worth it? Is it noticeable at 24 inch?, I want to keep my other IPS monitor as 2nd monitor so it's important I get another 24 inch!!! Thank you!!,
  2. Hi all, I'm looking at monitors atm but not really sure what to get, my PC specs below: Ryzen 5 2600x 16gb RAM 1gb SSD 1070ti GPU Not sure what to get honestly, I'll spend whatever money not really bothered about how much (probably less than £500 is ideal) but want whatever will get best out of my hardware, I play competitive games and currently enjoy an IPS display (I like the viewing angles but hate the ghosting), I am thinking something like 1080p, 144hz, gsync, but honestly I'm a noobie when it comes to monitors so not really sure what would be ideal for my situation. Many thanks!!
  3. What are the screen reflections like in this? I have an IPS currently and I love no reflection
  4. Thanks guys, I really just feel overwhelmed looking at these monitors so I'm going to say the best thing for me will be a monitor that performs best from factory settings, also I'm not sure if I should go 1440p 144hz for 24" or if 1080p will be more than enough?
  5. Forgot to say I like 24 inch, anything bigger is too much for me personally. Which of these will work with the new Gsync updates?
  6. PS. Would love a monitor with good out the box performance!
  7. Looking for a monitor that is going to make my games look amazing, I want to play at 1440p on my 1070ti and so need a monitor that has this along with higher refresh rate and is going to be compatible with adaptive sync technology. Thanks.
  8. It's more than likely RAM, Download MSI Afterburner and monitor everything.
  9. Why the vega guys? I would not want to replace the cooler on it.
  10. Title. Both are refrence styled cards, the 1070ti is PNY and the Vega 56 is a Powercolor, the seller can provide me with the receipt to make use of the warranty on the 1070ti of which has over 2 years remaining, the Vega 56 on the otherhand has no warranty. I will be buying a 1440p 144hz monitor at some point and so I want the card with the best performance for this. I play games like WoW, Blackout, Assasins creed, Overwatch and others. What do you guys think?
  11. I will defo look into that! Do you know if this card will run 1440p at atleast 60fps in games such as Blackout, PUBG, Overwatch etc?
  12. Is the overclocking worth it with these cards?
  13. This card was used for mining and the buyer didn't seem to know much about PCs, apparently he had the flash done by someone else (quick lookup told me it's not exactly hard), he also didn't know what CPU-z was. He does have a 14 day returns policy though so I think it's worth a go?
  14. Been told it's £225 or no deal, thanks for the replies guys. When answering if this is a good deal bare in mind that 1070ti's are around £300 used.