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    im a dutch computer geek :)
    i love working on projects and computers


  • CPU
    ryzen 7 1700x
  • Motherboard
    asus prime x370-pro
  • RAM
    16gb ddr4 gskill trident z rgb
  • GPU
    Asus strix gtx 1070ti
  • Case
    nzxt s340 elite
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    Seagate 1tb
  • PSU
    corsair rm650x
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    2x hp 22 inch
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    cryorig h7 quad lumi
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k68 rgb
  • Mouse
    razer deathadder elite
  • Sound
    hyper x cloud
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Hey, that looks pretty neat. Good job
  2. edifier r1700bt or r1800bt good speakers with dual rca inputs (also comes with a rca to 3.5mm adapter) comes with a remote and has built in bluetooth and they sound great. also individual treble and ass control on the speakers
  3. i'd start by lowering the ram speed to say 2933mhz just to see what happens. if that becomes stable, keep increasing it slightly with testing inbetween until it becomes unstable then back down to the fastes setting that didnt make it unstable when stable run memtest
  4. First of all let's get this straight, these are sub $20 micophones so i wouldn't expect much in terms of like actual sound quality. Not being rude but most sub $20 microphones aren't that great. however behringer does have a reputation in making some great budget mic's for around the $50 price range. As to which brand is better. Thats mostly comes down to personal preference. They have both been in the audio game for years. so in my opinion there isn't really a definitive answer. as for what is the best choice for you? i would go online and check out reviews, sound tests and
  5. i mean he said he already owns the i3, so i don't think he is going to change that but yes you are right that the i3 isn't a very good value
  6. nothing is leaked or announced yet regarding that, so sadly you'l have to wait a while to find out.
  7. why 2 monitors? wouldn't it make more sense to ony get 1 monitor and then invest that saved money into a better gpu? (and maybe a better case or motherboard) there is nothing else i could suggest really other than the monitor thingy
  8. not at the end of 2019... 10nm isnt even here yet, however amd is going to release it's 7nm tech mid 2019 afaik
  9. possible, probably viable maybe not, but it would like to see someone try. but you have a 8core cpu you could let some of those cores do encoding we are still at the point where in games some cores are unused. i didnt notice a big peformance hit when i tried cpu encoding.
  10. intel's 7nm i still quite some ways away, so it depends. What do you plan on doing and would it be worth the long wait (intel's 10nm still has to get to market...)
  11. what clockspeed does the ram run at? did you enable xmp profiles? Because this looks to me as ram instability (atleast it looks the same as my symptoms when i had a similar issue)
  12. Hey there, i am looking into getting into motovloging (and also just general light videography). And i would like to get an action cam because it would suit my needs. I have been doing research for a while but can't figure out what the best option would be for me. i was looking at the xiaomi yi 4k or the sjcam sj7 star. the sj7 star is easier to get my hands on and slightly cheaper, but the yi seems to have a better reputation and image quality. but i am unsure as to which one i should get. (i don't mind having to run a seprate audio recorder) what would be the best option f
  13. sounds like ram instability to me. or the pc running out of ram and pagefiling
  14. did you buy the card new or second hand? (if new, you could rma the card cause it may be a doa) are all power connectors plugged in all the way? (also that cpu will bottleneck the gpu pretty badly)
  15. did you install the official drivers supplied by the motheboards manufacturer? and what motherboard do you have?