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  1. You’ll know they had when 7zip’s splash screen tells you your free trial has expired.
  2. What if he has less subscribers than T-Series?
  3. Looks like I need more patience. Even with username affirmation, it sometimes runs thin. Plus, I still couldn’t watch the Wan show stream mid-week. That’s what happens, you let us into your lives and we all of a sudden become possessive and demanding. The life of a celeb. But first, check out the link to PIA below. You tripped me out with the family day comment above. I heard Linus say it in the stream, but thought he was referring to it in the ‘today is Sunday and it is our family day here at the Sebastian house, just like every Sunday.’ Not in the context that Canada has a national holiday called ‘Family Day.’ Learn something new every day.
  4. Not looking to start a direct drama debate, but does any of these shenanigans have anything to do with the lack of LTT content the past 4-ish days? Usually they were good for 2-3 videos a day, and seems like LTT is barely squeaking out one. I dunno, just speculating here, but LTT is usually good about pre-taping episodes ahead of time and then distributing them out consistently, and that just hasn’t happened the past few days. Is something else going on behind the scenes? Trouble in Linus land? That damn MSI dinosaur had a hex on it and it’s taking hold? Or, will LTT staff reassure us things are going back to our regularly scheduled programs after they fix a small technical issue...which we’ll talk about in today’s video. But first...Tunnelbear!