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  1. If you are planning to play on 1080p or 1440p then you are good to go as you can get 60+ FPS on 1440p with your current combination
  2. Get a one more stick of 8gb RAM and upgrade your CPU, but if you are planning to go with ryzen then wait for 3gen which is coming soon.
  3. RTX 2060 will be the better choice here as your monitor has 60HZ and RTX 2060 is capable to handle almost all games on high setting on 1440p at about 60FPS.
  4. I don't think it will give major performance change even after overclock as your GPU is not so powerful or potato GPU. Don't waste your time on overclocking it, just enjoy games which can be run by your GPU
  5. I did this but still my GPU is not working
  6. I had updated drivers a week ago and I think I got problem after that, Also my laptop model is np300e5v-s02in
  7. 2070 is a new generation card with Ray tracing technology but the performance of 2070 and 1080 is almost same, If you are planning to buy anyone of then then get anyone which is cheaper
  8. Ya I had selected the GPU that HD 8700M
  9. In device manager and GPU-z software, it shows that my GPu is properly connected but whenever I play games it show all reading zero in GPUz. I had checked with other software also but the result is same. here is the screenshot of GPU-z https://imgur.com/QVXM22C
  10. Get a Rx 580 the performance of RX580 and GTX 1060 is almost same
  11. Asus will be good choice, go for it
  12. Yup if anyone ready to buy your current GPU for good price, if not then big no
  13. It totally depends upon games and resolution you are playing.