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  1. Woofboy13

    How fast should my 120GB SSD be?

    Maybe ill get the 3000Mhz who knows, what does XMP do tho?
  2. The ram is CMK8GX4M1D3000C16. Does it support it. I plan on gaming and my setup is rx 580 and ryzen 5 2600x. I will upgrade to 16gb soon after but 1st i need to know if it would run well.
  3. Woofboy13

    How fast should my 120GB SSD be?

    Thanks, but i dont plan on overclocking anything. Would 2666mhz be enough instead?
  4. I need an ssd for my gaming pc. I will use hdd for everything but i want to store windows on the ssd since i heard it works faster that way. Im on a budget so whats the ideal ssd speed i should look for considering my specs: Ryzen 5 2600x, RX 590, 8gb 2400mhz(will upgrade to 16 later), and a 1tb hdd with 7200rpm 64mb cache
  5. Woofboy13

    Rigs for Forza Horizon 4

    What should the ram be? Should it go over 2000mhz?
  6. Im looking for people who play this game on a budget. In my country i am able to buy used PCs with GTX 1050 ti and a ram of 16gb but with less then 2000mhz. The CPUs are mostly i5s 3rd or 4th gen. Would something like this run FH4 on high with 60+ fps? There isnt info about this that detailed on Youtube thats why im asking here if there are people with similar rigs or experience.
  7. Woofboy13

    Best CPU for an RX 590?

    I found a 2600 for 170€s, and a 2600x for 30€s. Its not that much
  8. Woofboy13

    Best CPU for an RX 590?

    I dont plan on overclocking, also i dont care about the price difference between the Ryzen 5s, prices are different where i live. I just asked which processor would work the best with the RX 590(preferably a ryzen 5 processor), not which is the most cost efficient.
  9. As the title says, im interested in the best processor which would fit with the RX 590, im thinking Ryzen 5 2600x? What are your thoughts?
  10. Woofboy13

    What does 100% GPU (and) CPU usage mean?

    I dunno, gaming
  11. Woofboy13

    What does 100% GPU (and) CPU usage mean?

    Thanks for the answer, btw what temperature is considered okay?
  12. So if my GPU or CPU were to work on 100 % usage while playing a game, would something(anything bad) happen to the components (over time)? Im not an expert but im building a pc so please be as detailed as possible so i can learn something new
  13. Woofboy13

    Do RX 580, 590 cards last longer then GTX 1060 6GB?

    By where it was made do you mean who made it? Like MSI, Sapphire, Zotac etc?
  14. If i were to do mostly gaming on 1080p 60 fps high graphics on games such as Forza Horizon 4 and NFS Payback at least 2 hours a day. Which card would stop working/slow down 1st?
  15. Im building a gaming pc and ive made up my mind for the 1060 6gb. For the CPU i was thinking of the i5 8600k but some people say that CPU is too strong for the 1060 and that it wouldnt work to its full potential. Im not an expert so can anyone tell me if this is true or not and please recommend me something else to see if this isnt that good? By the way i plan on playing games such as Forza Horizon 4 or Need For Speed Payback on a minimum of 60 fps in 1080p and ive got a 250€ budget for the CPU.