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    i7-3820 @ stock 1.135V
  • Motherboard
    ASUS P9X79
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    Corsair VengeanceLP 32GB (8x4GB) @ 1600mhz C9
  • GPU
    INNO3D GTX 1070 Ti X2 V2 70% power @ 1400mhz
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    Zalman Z9U3
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    Samsung 860 EVO 128GB Sandisk SSD-(used as cache for HDD) Seagate Video SV35.6 Series 1TB
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    Cooler Master Silent Hybrid Pro 1050W
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    AOG CQ32G1 (1440p144) LGTV 23MD53 (1080p60)
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    CPU:Zalman cnps14x Case:Corsair ML 2x 120, 2x 140
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    Built it Marshall MID Bluetooth+LGTV (2nd monitor) speakers
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    Windows 10 Enterprise

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  1. Clock isn’t everything but 3.8GHz and 4.75GHz on the same cpu makes a difference
  2. I was talking about that xeon e5-1650 v2 and my OC 3820 matches 6700K
  3. Can not find any around my area and shipping and etc. would absolutely kill me. I would be better off going ryzen 3600/X and x570 + 16GB DDR4. And if I wont be able to OC it will be worse than my current cpu however I will keep it in my mind and thank you for your suggestion EDIT: I am hitting 6700K stock single threaded and close to multi too on my OC so I would probably hurt my performance if I cant overclock that cpu
  4. but will something like 3930K or some server cpu compatible with lga 2011 be enough? If I buy a new motherboard add a cpu and ram and its 400€ for something a bit better in my country. Used isnt much better because there is not a lot of people selling stuff in my country and if there are some they want ridiculous amounts of money like I messaged a guy with some bare bones X99 and not even ATX and he wanted 700€ for just a motherboard. He said that if I would come in 3 hours which was impossible from my location that he would do 650. I just cant afford it now.
  5. quad channel 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance LP @ 1.6GHz EDIT: of course DDR3 but just to remind
  6. 1070 Ti oc performs like 2070 and my gpu is at around 60% usage while my cpu is at 95%
  7. I have recently bought a new 1440p 144Hz monitor but I can not achieve even 100 fps on some games. I looked at the usage and tried different setting like dropping to 1080p but no improvement. Battlefield 5 is the game I play the most right now and I am looking to get into Metro Exodus but I want to upgrade my cpu. I currently have an i7-3820 @ 4.75GHz and I hit 65-80 fps. I would like to stay on X79 mainly because I can not afford to upgrade my motherboard, ram and cpu. I am willing to go into server cpus but I want to hit at least 120 fps and I am willing to OC. I have been looking at 3930k mainly and would that be enough?
  8. I fried my Windforce GTX 680 when my 2 of 3 case fans died. Gpu baking solved my issue and I sold it afterwards. I had like 9600 GSO from Gigabyte too and it was also in my previous fryer build. I had a gpu die in there because of heat and that little passively cooled guy just didnt care about 0 case airflow and it works or at least it did a few months ago so my experience was pretty good but I had to invest into some case cooling and I bought some Corsair ML fans and my case temps are pretty low now. I like frying gpus. I LOVE frying gpus. Sorry for my english
  9. I have a X2 V2 (smaller overall) 1070 Ti and I am hitting similiar temps. A bit lower but I have a few Corsair ML fans in my case and that could make a difference
  10. I personaly would go for open box. If it is covered by the warranty then I will almost always choose open box but dont go refurb because some sellers sell refurb under the new sealed card page so watch out for that.
  11. matus570

    GPU Help

    Probably something like GTX 960/1050/1050Ti from nVidia and I dont know about AMD but a RX 550/560 from the newer ones should be good but I suggest waiting and upgrading your whole system because Core 2 Quad is really not enough for gaming (at least more than 30fps) in 2019
  12. SLI will bring a lot of problems or even graphical glitches in some games. If you are fine with running some games on only one of those then you can try it but I think its not worth it. Oh and VRAM doesnt stack so you will still have the same amount. GTX 970 was a good gpu a solid 3.5/4 but you should replace it if you want more performance.
  13. Not for gaming on both of those but just desktop or some YT video and a game should be fine.
  14. At 1080p maybe I am not sure and cant test it because I dont have it installed now. (I own a GTX 1070Ti) Your CPU will probaly be the bottleneck for PUBG. Apex should be fine.
  15. Well if you are willing to sacrifice some eye candy or resolution or both on some games it will do it no problem.