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    Seattle, WA
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    Nerdy stuff
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    I'm old enough to remember BBS', 9600bps modems, System 6, Photoshop 2.0, the Internet going public, Netscape 1.0, editing live HTML files directly on an SGI server, and seeing a demo of a floppy disc fax machine. Witness me!
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    Visual Designer
  1. 6K monitor? With Apple approved GPU's??? LOLOLOL. I got rid of my 5K iMac because I didn't feel the substandard Radeon that came in it could reliably driver the display for doing design work.
  2. Promise PegasusR6: 12TB RAID-5 Pegasus2 R2+: 8TB RAID-0 (as a Time machine backup for the Macbook Pro and the above RAID)
  3. What year is your iMac? If it has a Fusion drive you you may need to re-combine the drive before install. It's been awhile since I've had an iMac so I'm going off some fuzzy memory.
  4. CrowDazzle

    eGPU Being a Bad Boy :(

    Did the eGPU work previously or is this brand new? Just throwing this out, any chance you are connecting through a USB 3 cable instead of a Thunderbolt 3 cable?
  5. CrowDazzle

    'Gaming' Ultrabooks & Docks

    The XPS 13 9370 supports 4x Thunderbolt 3. Provided it's available in your country. https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/qna44089/thunderbolt-3-40gbps-data-transfer-rate?lang=en Instead of a dock maybe look at an eGPU that has additional usb ports. EDIT: Just remembered this. If you are considering the RBS, not all docks will charge. https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/comments/991a1p/compatible_docks_for_razer_blade_stealth_2018/
  6. CrowDazzle

    Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Thinkpad

    Based on processor speed alone the 2012 Macbook Pro is going to be slightly faster than the 2014 Air. Are you able to jump up to the 2013 or 2014 Macbook Pro? This will give you a huge processor bump, retina screen, and thunderbolt 2. The 2012 Macbook Pro is at the very bottom of macOS Mojave's support list so you run the risk of being on an unsupported system by the next OS update...if that matters.