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  1. So I picked up an XB270HU and noticed that the "normal" preset was super dark no matter the brightness. Upon checking the service menu, I noticed that the RGB Values for the normal mode were cranked way down to (50,50,50 ish) for whatever reason.... After resetting the colours using the "RGBReset" button, the screen was much brighter, but I noticed that the default values are different to other people's with the same monitor/panel version? My normal RGB preset is "85,89,100" whereas three other monitors I've checked show "93,98,100". I don't have a calibration tool so I'm just trying
  2. Don't know if I'm the only person who does this but there must be a better way? (Android->Windows)
  3. I've noticed games still use my dedicated GPU even when my DP cable is connected to the motherboard DisplayPort(which I thought was for integrated graphics only???) How is this even possible, and is there any performance overhead for doing this? I'm guessing G-SYNC wouldn't work though?
  4. I didn't know this was possible but I have nothing connected to my GPU (3060Ti) yet when I launch a game connected only to the integrated graphics on the mobo, the GPU is being used instead of the integrated graphics....How?
  5. So I plugged into the HDMI port on the mobo and it started working. Now I've switched it back to DP (144Hz) it's suddenly starting working... Thanks I guess!?
  6. I want to use the display output on my iGPU (Intel integrated on 10600K) but I can't get a display output when my dGPU is installed? I've enabled iGPU in BIOS and I know something is happening because the Intel Command center got installed but I can't get a display output unless I plug into the dGPU? Taking the GPU out is not an option (I'm mining on it) Specs: 10600K 3060Ti Asus ROG Z490-I Mobo. Cheers.
  7. It's a workaround but I'd ideally want to know what's causing the error in the first place.
  8. Hi, I've been having this issue for a few weeks now, and sometimes I can't even get past the warning screen because it only lets me to go the BIOS instead of booting Windows. I installed CrystalDiskMark and it says both my SSDs as 98% / 100% health. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. I don't know if this is normal but as you can see from the pic there is a gap between the block and the screws below.. Is this normal? Thanks
  10. Not sure what you mean? AMD is taking the fight to Intel in just about every way possible other than swinging fists directly.
  11. Sorry, but after recently buying an Asrock Z490 board, the idea that they have turned a corner couldn't be further from the truth. While I was aware of a few Youtuber's throwing Asrock under the bus regarding their Z490 board designs, I took it with a pinch of salt and went ahead and purchased one of their ITX Z490 boards. As it turns out, even though Asrock claims "unmatched overclocking capabilities" on their website, the board cannot handle even a fairly light OC on the 10600K without current throttling. Most boards usually come with options to increase the power limit in t
  12. Yeah I managed to dislodge most with a brush, so looking much better now. Thanks. I just got the material details from the product page: https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-af-alu-angled-90-g1-4-black Are you sure?
  13. It was for about 30 mins. Guessing I should have left it for longer? I'm also assuming that Red wine vinegar is the same as vinegar for all intensive purposes...
  14. I've tried hot water and Red Wine vinegar but there is still a lot of gunk on the insides. I don't really want to spend £30 on new fittings if I can get these in decent condition. Any suggestions? Thanks