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  1. That looks like a screenshot - in which case we can't see what your monitor looks like. Having said that, if you are referring to the banding in the background of the image above, it's completely normal. Don't know why some games do that.
  2. Picked up a used 970 yesterday and found it was randomly artifacting and got a bsod which indicated an Nvidia driver issue. I DDUd and tried an older driver to no avail. The artifacting is hard to reproduce and not constant. After disabling G-sync however, I've run into absolutely no issues whatsoever. This is confusing because I had a 1080ti running with Gsync on this monitor for months with no problem and surely a bsod couldn't be caused by a dodgy monitor...? 10600K 3200Mhz CL16 ROG STRIX Z490-I EVGA G3 650W Gold Sabrent 1TB SSD
  3. Trigger warning: A/B testing lossy/loseless audio formats to poop on the audiophile elitists with their snakeoil $500 DACs.
  4. I'm extremely confused. I have a OnePlus 6T connected to our Wifi router with seemingly good signal strength, as confirmed by downloading a signal strength checker app (-60dbm) yet often nothing loads and speed tests often fail to run at all. It's not an ISP issue. We pay for an 80/20Mbps connection and running a speed test either wired/wireless on any other device always yields 70Mbps+. So square me this: The phone signal strength does not change (always good, around -60dbm) and the indicator on the notification bar is always full and it never disconnects
  5. I'm temporarily using a GTX 760 instead of the 1080Ti I had before. With the 1080Ti, enabling G-Sync would hurt performance by (<5%), but with the 760 it's as much as 50% (measured in Firestrike, Graphics score only) GPU utilisation on the 760 is around 60-80% in Firestrike with G-sync enabled but it goes back to 100% when I disable Gsync...? Temps are sub 70c. Latest drivers. Running 1440p @120Hz
  6. I had the same problem after I bought a card pre-waterblocked off ebay. Ended up snapping one of the screws trying to unscrew it. Good luck...
  7. Yeah I just checked, it's a fusion drive. It's a 2014 iMac so I'm guessing the storage can't be changed without removing the display?
  8. That's a good point. I thought there was already an SSD in it but turns out it's a "fusion" drive. Not sure if that's worth upgrading.
  9. I haven't used Mac OS for about 10 years so not too familiar with it anymore but my Dad needs help with his Mac OS machine slowing down recently (It's a 2014 iMac 5K so not too old) e.g on Windows I would do something like: Check SSD(s) have been trimmed recently and defrag HDDs (or delete stuff if close to getting full) Remove most startup programs in task manager. Maybe run CCleaner for the sake of it. Clear dust out of the machine if it's really old. Malwarebytes scan Update drivers. Maybe just reinstall Windows. An
  10. So I picked up an XB270HU and noticed that the "normal" preset was super dark no matter the brightness. Upon checking the service menu, I noticed that the RGB Values for the normal mode were cranked way down to (50,50,50 ish) for whatever reason.... After resetting the colours using the "RGBReset" button, the screen was much brighter, but I noticed that the default values are different to other people's with the same monitor/panel version? My normal RGB preset is "85,89,100" whereas three other monitors I've checked show "93,98,100". I don't have a calibration tool so I'm just trying
  11. Don't know if I'm the only person who does this but there must be a better way? (Android->Windows)
  12. I've noticed games still use my dedicated GPU even when my DP cable is connected to the motherboard DisplayPort(which I thought was for integrated graphics only???) How is this even possible, and is there any performance overhead for doing this? I'm guessing G-SYNC wouldn't work though?
  13. I didn't know this was possible but I have nothing connected to my GPU (3060Ti) yet when I launch a game connected only to the integrated graphics on the mobo, the GPU is being used instead of the integrated graphics....How?