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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Strix Z270
  • RAM
    8x2 Trident Z RGB 3466 B 16 CAS
  • GPU
    2x 1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid
  • Case
    Core P3
  • Storage
    500 GB 960 evo 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    1600W EVGA G2
  • Cooling
    TT Water 3.0 360 AIO

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  1. Swes

    Samsung 860 Evo or Crucial MX500?

    Depends what you are doing, if you are going to dump tons of media files on it over and over maybe otherwise it doesn't matter. 150 TB is writing the entire drive every day for over a year........ Just keep you're usage around 80%-90% at the very most and it will last a long long time.
  2. cloning to different hardware often results in behavior like this, realistically when you do things like upgrades to storage you should move non OS data manually and perform a fresh install or transfer license using restoration software you can get from the OEM.
  3. Depends on what you play. If you play pretty much only FPS and you feel competitive in it and are going for 144Hz its a good start and open for a GPU upgrade in the future however if you play casually and or play lots of older titles and RPG games just save your cash and go Ryzen.
  4. We will have to see, pricing is weird in other parts of the world and they might be the same price here but totally differrent in india im trying to just give options, the fatality B450 is the lowest end i would bother with for 8 core processors and if its not much of a jump go tachi IMO.
  5. Its hard to look for details by looking at specs you need to usually see reviewers comments on them. Specs are best finding out whether you get wifi for example or if it has usb-c for example. Often they will say things like X number of phases or excellent memory support etc which is meaningless for the most part in the real world. For cost effective X470 I'd do a Taichi vs ASUS
  6. Run longer like at least 15 min since thats usually when you start getting maxed for thermals with a AIO, longer than that is better still but with prime, after 15 min youre getting there. Temps dont look bad to me think youre fine but should should check long term
  7. Swes

    Will my cousin bottleneck the gpu?

    I'd recommend going faster than this to something like 3000 since it really doesnt cost any more for a big uplift. (just remember to use XMP) . Otherwise its probably fine for the most part. If you are trying to drive 144Hz monitor its probably not the CPU to use but otherwise it will get the job done and the graphics card will leave headroom for the future and you can upgrade to something like 2600 in the future if having 4 cores becomes an issue down the line.
  8. Swes

    Should I delid?

    You only need to delid if you start getting close to thermal limit around 100C the CPU will sit at 80-90 happily all day so its up to you if its worth it. I wouldn't recommend anyone deliding anything less than a high core skylake unless its for fun/benchmarking. you wont notice the performance uplift of a 100-200Mhz daily use for things like games. I'm not saying you shouldnt but understand you are doing it for fun/being able to say you are running 5GHz which isnt a bad reason but if you are worried about trying to improve performance its not really going to help much. Delidding makes sense for the high core since you can start squeezing out nearly 30-50% more rendering speed out of a the processor if its something like the 7980XE which is massive improvement and helps add value to the purchase. edit: If getting 3000 cinebench was worth 2 grand, getting 4500 by paying someone like silicon lottery ~$100 to delid (insured of course) so you can run mid 4s all core is an absolute steal....
  9. But there is no regulatory reason that it can't be done. While I agree privately you have basically right to whatever you want to do it’s not so much the word of the law that stops you but the spirit of it. Along with of course liability. I just don’t see anyone interested in the idea of being responsible for people dying from a botched heli landing. The FAA The aren’t intrested in regulating what they don’t have to as far as I know the economy of flight taxi is enough so they don’t bother drafting restrictions since no one is stupid enough to try. There is of course the general flight restriction of no closer than 500 feet to buildings etc . With exception given to helicopters if it’s “not hazardous” given the history of helicopters in cites I wouldn’t be at all suprised if claiming a flight through manhattan 100 feet above was “not hazardous” would get shot down rather quickly (no pun intended) . my point wasn’t really to make it seem like it’s illegal but rather point out why it’s an insane idea from a risk reward point of view and if it were safe and reasonable to have air taxis we already would . There’s no magic tech we have been waiting for .
  10. Swes

    How Turbos Compresses Air

    The answer stated above is a little more high level what turbos do for you the answer is that the compressor (inducer) accelerates the air which then effectively runs into itself compressing it. It’s not really being funneled into the housing since the swept area of the inducer doesn’t change. Basically if you take little slices going from the mouth of the inducer to the base that are very thin each slice is about the same volume. A way you could think about it on a high level is if you take an hour glass and let sand or water flow through . Now take it and swing it around really fast so it experiences cetripital acceleration the sand/water will flow faster now because the pressure at the orifice is higher due to the acceleration the fluid senses and it’s the same for the air in a turbo. Although you don’t actually compress it you just accelerate it you generate a pressure . The acceleration air gets as it gets caught in the turbo compresses it. Positively displaced pumps (like a bicycle pump) actually compress the gas directly such as something like a roots blower the funnel analogy is a little more accurate vs a turbos inducer. The exducer or the hot side of the turbo works in the the same way in reverse. By changing the direction of the air you extract momentum from it and thus energy and can turn exhaust gas heat and pressure into useful work for the inducer to use.
  11. Swes

    AMD Such disappointment,

    I’m inclined to agree I think XFR to 4.5/4.7 is what we should expect with very high end setups getting very close to 4.8-5.0 with lots and lots of water cooling and voltage .
  12. Recent ?? flights and helicopters in manhattan were issues since the 70s every few decades someone tries to bring it back. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2013/08/when-airport-hopping-new-york-was-cheaper-faster-and-little-more-dangerous/6652/
  13. Swes

    AMD Such disappointment,

    I don’t think anyone was suprised at least reviewers (people in the know) definitely weren’t . i heard several say multiple times . Hey guys don’t expect to get anything at CES except confirmation Zen 2 exists and especially don’t expect consumer facing products for sale till mid year.... theN suddenly HYPE TRAIN HPYE TRAIN ZEN SEVEN NM WILL BE THE BESTESTEST WE HAVE EVER SEEN 16 CORE 5GHZZZZZZZ SHUT UP SHILLZ ITS GOMMA HAPPEN AND I GONNA GET MINE LAUNCH DAY IN JANUARY OR FEBRUARY WHEN ITS FOR SALE. Not saying it won’t be big step forward and I’m actually looking forward with tentative plans to try and see how November deals look if it comes out strong but I’d say we shouldn’t expect more than 4.5-4.7 boost clock at the very most with whatever they want to call XFR 3.0. I think we should expect ~6700K maybe 7700K levels of single thread performance. Obviously that’ll kick ass if we get 12 core on desktop platform with that kind of performance but definitely don’t expect them to be caught up to intel. I think that’s fair since it would be around 10-15% jump in perf. Which is more than intel has been able to muster.....
  14. Swes

    Gender-Bias at CES 2019?

    Most likely theory I’ve heard yet
  15. Sure you can fly near manhattan however as far as I’m aware there’s a ban or serious restriction on helipads except for emergency serivices . The whole point of air taxis is go from one place to the next as fast as possible and when you basically can’t land that’s kind of difficult. Heck there’s plenty of support to ban even just helicopter tours outright not just the open door ones from that incident last year. https://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/faa-sets-new-rules-for-airspace-over-manhattan-1.1592446 Given laws like this and the reason they exist I find the idea of air taxis a little outlandish . To make them unmanned even more so. Planes have been able to land themselves for a longtime but the issue has always been accounting for the conditions that can’t be planned for.