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  • Birthday 2001-12-18


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    b450 aorus pro wifi mini itx
  • RAM
    16gb t force rgb
  • GPU
    gigabyte rx 570xt
  • Case
  • Storage
    1tb wd blue , 1tb nvme ssd , 240gb ssd
  • PSU
    evga super nova g3 750
  • Display(s)
    msi optix g24c, viotek 27inch 1440p 144hz
  • Cooling
    cooler master master liquid ml 120l

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  1. I currently have 1700x and ordered my 3600 for store pickup tomorrow, I’m trying to update the bios of my aorus b450 mini itx pro WiFi but it has all these weird steps such as (before update bios to f40 , you have to install ec fw update tool b19.0517.1 or later version to avoid incompatibility) what on earth does this even mean. I’ve never updated a bios before and don’t want to damage my parts
  2. With the new custom chips in ps5 and series x I’ve started to wonder why we can’t see super powerful chips like that on the desktop side, what’s the reason amd’s best apu is a quad core with 11 compute units but they can cram 53 into the series x chip
  3. Yea , I’m definitely not in a rush or hurry to upgrade as my current cpu gets the job drone, but it would be nice to get a new cpu and possibly a 280hz monitor that I’ve had my eye on
  4. That’s what I’d like to wait for but all these companies are releasing no information on time line of release
  5. My board is mini itx b450 aorus , id ideally like to stick with 8 cores as next gen consoles are getting that and I want to be able to hold onto my next chip for at least 2 to 3 years , I’ve thought about the 3600 but feel like 8 cores is the best decision
  6. I’ve had the ryzen 7 1700x for the past 2 years and it’s served me well, a nice 3.8 ghz over clock and I’ve Played every game I want to at good FPS , was thinking of maybe upgrading but should I wait for ryzen 4000 desktop cpu or get ryzen 3000 now
  7. That’s really unfortunate, it’s about 30 percent faster for the Same price
  8. What are you trying so say? I had the Samsung galaxy s20 and hated it , also tried the pixel 3, disliked it and here I am with the iphone as and enjoy it
  9. This is a massive failure by google once again, I was the target audience for a phone like this (pixel 4a) , only looking to spend 300-400 usd but they have taken way to long releasing it and have potential lost millions on people who have already decided to buy the iPhone se like myself. BIG missed opportunity
  10. Very curious as why you got the 1660ti when the 5600xt is much faster for same price
  11. Unless the rx 580 is a deal to good to pass on then I’d recommend buying a 5500xt 8gb for 160 usd from dell or a 1650 super for 160 usd . About the same performance and newer. Also stay away from that 9100 as 4/4 core / thread is already pretty anemic in 2020. Try to find a nice deal on a used ryzen 1600 or 2600 and if you can spot the extra cash go for a less expensive b450 board and the ryzen 3600 , way better cpu. To touch on why not to buy used graphics cards (especially amd ones) I’ve been jobbed 4 times in a row by sellers claiming they work and were not mined with and have original bios only to find they are either damaged or have a mining bios on them and if you don’t know how to remove it your SOL. sellers can be very deceptive and getting your money back with a dispute can take weeks.
  12. Earnist_

    144hz monitor

    I heard it’s better for free sync or something along those lines
  13. Samsung has so much bull shit , I sold my s20 and galaxy buds because they had so many issues. Got the new iPhone se and AirPods.cost way less and the better combo
  14. I have the same bull shit happen to me , it says my settings or something isn’t ready. Which is total bs. This is to be expected , classic Microsoft