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  1. Early tests show the 888 from Qualcomm is quite power hungry and the a14 from apple is good with balancing power , is this simply because Samsung 5nm is not as good as tsmc 5nm or is the 888 architecture just inferior
  2. 12 has a separate WiFi chip? What’s it called
  3. So I believe that previous iPhone models had a separate chip that controlled WiFi and the intel modem controlled the cellular, with the x55 Qualcomm in the 12 does it handle both the WiFi and the cellular?
  4. I love this group so much I felt the need to make a post , has anyone reading this listened to or heard of the 1975? If not I suggest you give them a listen , very mellow music with lots of meaning, always gets me right in the feels and has helped me through some hard times . Some recommendations ( tonight I wish I was your boy). (Loving someone) ( the birthday party). (Guys). ( it’s not living if it’s not with you). Those are just a few off the top of my head , but almost everything they have to offer is incredible, if anyone takes the time to read this and give them a listen that
  5. You are correct , but the pixel has better camera and stock android looks nicer to me
  6. I think I'll end up with the pixel 4a , the difference in 730g to 765g doesn't seem like a big difference , a great camera, stock android for 349 sounds like a great deal to me
  7. I prefer stock android and pixel phones , that's why I was wondering if getting the one with 765 was worth it over 730
  8. I can afford up to the 4a 5g , I would prefer not to spend more than 500 , so I was wondering if the performance or battery efficiency of the 765 is worth the extra money
  9. Stuck in charlotte nc because of plane failure , bored and just curious of the overall performance of the 730g in 4a vs the 765g in pixel 5 , I know that 765g gets 5.5 tops ai performance but nowhere can I find hard number for the 730g , if anyone knows performance figures of both chips that would be helpful in solidify my phone buying decision
  10. Bios has no option to change anything
  11. Just got this today with 16gb ddr4 and the 4300u model , tried playing overwatch at all low settings 1080p but I've run into the allocated 520mb of vram problem. I don't know how to allow it more and it's frustrating because this little unit can play esports titles
  12. ill check this out and write you back
  13. ive tried connecting my xbox one controller to play games via bluetooth , for about 10 minutes it works great then the connection gets all screwed up and the controller starts disconnecting and is un responsive. not sure how to fix this
  14. The charger port cover on my life proof case for iPhone 8 came off and I’m not sure how to put it back in
  15. i see i can buy this phone from gear best for 428 usd but its the global version, would that work on the sprint network
  16. It’s not a ram speed or compatibility issue , I can enter the bios and change nothing and still have this issue , I just have no idea how to stop this from happening
  17. For almost 1 month now , I have had my ryzen 3600 installed to my b450 Aorus pro WiFi mini itx board . My bios is on latest version and every single time I enter bios and try to leave even if I have changed 0 settings or I try to load optimized defaults, the system will be on black screen and gpu will sky rocket to 100% fan speed . This is extremely annoying because I’m unable to adjust my ram speed past 2400 and the pc will stay on black screen with 100% fans for 5 MINUTES! before I can use it again even if I try to turn it off and back on again
  18. Sorry , I was responding to the other guy
  19. I only have the iPhone se no other Apple device
  20. Nope , I only have an iPhone no other Apple device
  21. Close to 2 hours of my usage was on cellular I’d say
  22. My iPhone se 2020 (iOS 13.6) is getting me really good battery life. I almost always use the phone at 50% brightness with heavy Bluetooth usage and an hour of gaming. Here’s my results for today with 34% battery left at time of pictures. I’m very happy with this battery life and not sure why others are hating on it . Probably just because it’s an iPhone and it has a small battery. This is my first ever iPhone and even with that small battery it continues to impress me every day
  23. I have the iPhone se (2020) and was able to gain 350 points on multi core score (Geekbench) by simply using a can a compressed air and turning it upside down while spraying it on the back glass of the iPhone , for some odd reason I wanted to do this and it worked as extra cooling for the a13 chip
  24. It all started when the galaxy s20 released and I was excited to have a fancy oled screen and triple camera setup , placed my order and it arrived in few short days. Used the phone for 3 months and the phone was screwy with many software bugs and system crashes. I sold the phone off and got the iPhone se (2020) it’s much cheaper and so far with 1 month of usage I can confidently say it’s the FAR and away better choice for me. I’ve been with Android forever and this is my first iPhone, I was always in the camp of disliking iOS but I must say over the last month I’ve grown to LOVE IT! the simpl