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  1. If you open the computer and are greeted by a lot of dust, clean it out, make sure that the CPU fan can spin. Turn it on while its still open and confirm that the fan is in fact spinning. Once its on, try to see if its gonna crash on you. If not, you probably fixed it. If it crashes then you may have to pull of the cpu cooler and re-apply thermal paste. To monitor the temperatures of the cpu, use a program such as realTemp or even MSI afterburner.
  2. Check the colour settings for your monitors. In the NVidia control panel to be exact.
  3. Def sounds like a thermal shutdown. Check your CPU heatsink, it may be totally clogged with dust and the fan may be unable to spin. Thermal past could also be the culprit.
  4. As long as you don't force it, you cant really damage anything. Pointy with coarse thread? As in it looks like something you would put into wood or plastic instead of into a threaded hole? Those are likely for fans (though including 6 instead of 4 or 8 is weird) or to actually hold your case together. Also, you will ALWAYS have tons of leftover screws from your case when you are done. Do not worry about that. Pretty much as long as everything is held down somewhat securely in some way, your computer will be ok.
  5. The node 202 essentially has 0 airflow. The only fans in that case are the cpu and gpu fans themselves. As in the case doesn't actually have any fans in it. You can add 2 case fans, but just on the GPU side, so your CPU would still be hot. Chances are that it would run OK, but I would definitely expect a little bit of thermal throttling after gaming a while. As far as case choice, get whatever suits your need. If you really want to build a tiny form factor PC (I assume that's why you chose the 202) then go for it, make it work and don't look back. If the actual size and physical appearance doesn't concern you that much, then just get whatever is cheapest, and building in a full size tower is generally much easier to do.
  6. It can be DISABLED manually in your bios, but is enabled by default on every mobo I have seen in the last 5 years.
  7. your CPU will turbo boost past its "max" speed if it is cool enough. The max TURBO on your CPU is 4.0 GHz, which it will only be able to hit in single threaded workloads. Nothing to worry about, and the stock cooler is likely not holding you back in the slightest with the exception of maybe being a bit louder than some aftermarket options.
  8. http://noctua.at/en/nh_l9i_tdp_guidelines As long as you aren't overclocking (non-k chip so you're not) and your case has decent airflow, and youre not rendering video 24/7 on it, you should be good.
  9. This has nothing to do specifically with your case. Case screws (especially the ones that attach hard drives and other hardware) are totally standard. Basically, gently try threading the screw in the hole, once you have a match, sweet. Do not force anything as you don't want to strip the screws (or maybe you do, I don't judge)
  10. Completely free and it syncs your cloud drives? Yea, I would stay the hell away from anything like this since you will be required to give them your login credentials for all your accounts....not to mention they then also have access to all your files. Not saying that the company itself is malevolent, but hacks and shit happen, and the fewer companies are trusted with your passwords, the better. If something is free, YOU are the product.
  11. Microsoft services and google services do not like each other. You will have to re-upload. Try using your internet connection at school as the upload speed is generally waaaaay better than what youd get at home. If that's not an option, either buy a faster internet package (with higher upload specifically) or just deal with the fact that your computer will be uploading for a week or 4.
  12. Looks like a nice little upgrade to me. Keep in mind that you will likely need to update the BIOS on any H110/Z170 boards in order to be able to use the new Kaby Lake CPUs.
  13. There is a good chance that the i7 will perform better if you are streaming and gaming. Also, the 4XXX stuff should be MUCH cheaper than the skylake stuff. Just don't buy it brand new. For pure gaming, they will perform largely the same until you start going into high framerates (90+) in which case the newer 7600 would perform a little better.
  14. Embedded? I dunno anything about running that. I do know that the win10 version is called IoT core, but I have never actually used it so I cannot give advice on that. GL mate.
  15. https://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/ht104064 Maybe that'll help for getting into BIOS. They list 4 different ways of doing it.
  16. Sounds to me like you may have had some driver issues in windows 10 because it should definitely perform better than 8.1. Also, 8.1, IMHO, is totally unfinished software and 10 beats it in every. single. way.
  17. If the bios is freezing even before windows attempts to boot, but works with the other CPU installed, then the problem is likely the CPU itself and nothing to do with windows. Do a BIOS update on it to be on the safe side (remember, updating the bios generally resets all settings to default) but it sounds like the new cpu may not be good, or it doesn't like your ram for some reason.
  18. Missed the oneplus one part somehow... A few years ago, it wasn't general as not all manufacturers used fused display+glass assemblies. Now adays, almost all phones are fused, and separating the 2 is an exercise in futility. I have done it, but it took many hours and I ended up breaking the lcd panel after replacing the glass only because I used too much of the LOCA (liquid, optically clear adhesive) glue on it. The guide posted above is good, but it looks like you will need to buy the entire screen assembly and not just the digitizer.
  19. Depends on the phone. Look up some guides for your specific model phone on the googler/youtubes.
  20. SATA mode needs to be set at whatever it was set when you actually installed windows. So if you installed it initially with ATA mode, you will need to use that. The other settings I can think of are CSM and legacy boot, you may have to enable/disable these as well so that it is configured in the same manner it was when windows was initially installed. If you don't have a problem with re-installing windows one more time, do that, and do it with AHCI selected and CSM/legacy boot off. Do this with the new CPU installed. I never trust the driver updater utilities since most of them are spyware/crapware. Manually download and install them.
  21. AHCI is the likely culprit. The optimized default stuff is generally for overclocking, ram, and voltage settings, and shouldn't affect your ability to boot.
  22. The key is tied to your CPU+MOBO. When you re-install windows on it (even if you got a totally new HDD) it will just automatically activate. You will never need to put in a product key. Remember, this is as long as that computer ALREADY had win10 activated on it.
  23. I'm assuming you're running this on the GA-H61M-S2PV listed in your bio. Well the Xeon is listed as a supported CPU, and it requires the same BIOS version as the i3 you pulled so that shouldn't be the issue. Now the thing is that when you pull the CPU out of the socket, your BIOS will reset. Chances are that you will need to change your SATA operation mode from ATA/RAID to AHCI (or vice versa if that didn't work) Also any other BIOS settings you had changed before would need to be changed back.
  24. Correction, you've seen them POSTED for $700 on ebay. Anyone paying that money for a (now ancient) x79 board has lost it. Now if you have a busted PCIe slot on it, I wopuldnt expect to sell that for more than like $75. MAYBE like $300 for the CPU+MOBO combo.
  25. If you are still playing all the games you want to just fine, then don't upgrade yet. Wait and see what AMD brings, and then in turn what intel will bring after that. When you do end up upgrading, I would recommend at looking at something with 8 threads (i7) instead of an i5 because core count is finally beginning to matter for gaming, and I am sure that it will start becoming even more important over the next while.