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  1. Apple. Such disappointment
  2. She want's to buy a new phone if she can't get it fixed, just guess the brand
  3. Huh,i though they actually had one good thing going, guess i was hoping too hard for them to redeem themselves..
  4. Lol, i advised her not to buy one, but if she decides shes got to have the ultimate swag +rep phone/brand, i can't stop her
  5. My sister has a iphone 6 which recently has started getting slow lately, which probably is because of that batterysaving technique. But in addition to that, it has started glitching (random presses on the screen and closing apps), the screen is a little cracked, but the crack happened like a year ago. would it be possible to get apple to fix the phone / get a new device? The phone was bought after christmas 2015. She bought the phone at a store called Elkjøp, there they said that since the phone is cracked, they'll just blame her for the glitches and will not repair it, which i think is kin
  6. Which drivers do you think could do this?
  7. no, it has been like this since i bought the monitor...
  8. It's only when i'm playing videos, in vlc and popcorntime the image becomes very grey/dull. On youtube it becomes like the image i sent, and on FB it also does it, pretty similarly to what happens on youtube.. I've tried to fix this for ages, but i just can't figure it out. if the video i'm playing is primarily on my other screen it looks fine on both, but if it's primarily on my acer monitor it gets this dull... Primarily as in over half ways over the "split"
  9. look at the watermark, and you can see a line, and then further up there's a line where it gets brighter
  10. have tried differentvideo players, but they all do it in some kind of way and i really want to solve this without reinstalling Windows
  11. Hey, i have posted this a while ago, but i got no answer... I have an Acer XB271HUA, and when i watch any videos i get some squares where the vids get grayer/brighter. If anyone can tell me how to solve this it would be grat, as right now i can't watch any videos because these super annoying squares are there.. and in some cases the whole screen just becomes nearly black and white.. in the attached image there is a screenshot that shows it. Sometimes it's hard to see while other times it's easy. Here you have something in the middle
  12. then i'll re-install after i have watched this movie
  13. i just found a dvd and installed vlc. it happens there too.