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Adrian Codreanu

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    Adrian Codreanu got a reaction from Perrytheplatypus43 in What is the best VPN to go for now in 2020?   
    Dunno, I think NordVpn is still very viable. I don't know if you could even classify what happened last year as a hack, the attackers got some expired private keys and that was that. No personal information was leaked. Also, they now do 3rd party audits, which brings in more credibility, at least for me.
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    Adrian Codreanu reacted to dalekphalm in Private Internet Access Internal Problems? - Post is titled "Revealing The PrivateInternetAccess TRUTH!"   
    This isn't a left vs right issue, so please don't be partisan about this topic.
    So far this is entirely unsubstantiated - none of his supposed colleagues (we're assuming he actually works there, but let's for the moment believe this) are coming forward - even anonymously.
    He's also claimed straight up that the Owner is lying to every user about not storing any logs or personal data. He said the owner is in fact doing the opposite.
    Yet he won't back up that claim with any evidence. He keeps saying "I'm waiting for the owner to release the info" - which is stupid, because if the owner was guilty, he's not going to incriminate himself.
    He very well could be correct. And if further information is revealed that corroborates his story, then we'll know that. But until then, it remains what sounds like a simple disgruntled employee. NDA's and non-compete contracts are pretty standard fare - although if the non-compete is as aggressive as he's making it seem, then that one might not be valid in court.
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    Adrian Codreanu reacted to mr moose in Private Internet Access Internal Problems? - Post is titled "Revealing The PrivateInternetAccess TRUTH!"   
    If this guy ain't careful he'll be facing a defamation case as well as no job.
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    Adrian Codreanu got a reaction from birdjoy in good survival game   
    Couldn't agree more on This war of mine, very good atmosphere.
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    Adrian Codreanu reacted to birdjoy in good survival game   
    I really enjoy both PC and board game: This War Of Mine... it's very depressive and sad... and the atmosphere is devastating. 
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    Adrian Codreanu got a reaction from TechyBen in What's been up with PC gaming lately? Lawsuit after lawsuit, bad game after bad game...   
    I agree that big publishers/developers have dropped in quality for a while now I really think it's because game industry became very money oriented, all those microtransactions, pre-orders, seasonal passes etc...It's more about marketing than gameplay. Just look at Fallout series, it shifted from one of the most complex RPGs with a wonderful story into a sandbox with nearly no story and dialogs at all. IMHO it's because it just sells. 
    It's been quality time for smaller publishers though. Shadowrun series is a huge success in modern RPGs, Pillars of eternity, Tyranny, Wasteland 2...in the other opera Stardew valley is an excellent game, much more than just a farm builder. Darkest Dungeon has a great atmosphere and rewarding gameplay, UnderRail I haven't tried, but it looks very well developed and received high marks. Things change, and surely there are lots of disappointments.