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  1. I'm just wondering if it's possible to turn the call speaker into a speaker that works with the bottom one to turn it to a stereo speaker. If so, does it require rooting?
  2. well my brother dont want to do dat cuz his phone dont hav space for spotify (i6gb rom)
  3. So my brother want to listen to songs on Spotify with the speakers but I want to play game as well. Can any of you help me to make it so I can play games and hear it on my earphone and my brother can listen to song on the speaker. (Any Q can be ask)
  4. Well, Linus' vid are in 4K so it can go 1080p Yes, my internet can handle 1080p vis Um, I use the Samsung apps YouTube on the TV
  5. First off the, TV is old. It is at least 8-6 years old. I've check the model number and it did say it can go 1920x1080. Have check evert settings for displays but nothing help. The model number is Ua40h5552arxxm. halp pls
  6. 6 cores, 6 or 12 threads and at least boost to 4 GHZ. And might as well drop the price
  7. Ionixt

    Is CSF dead?

    Is Channel Super Fun dead?
  8. Wow. If these price are real, then Ryzen 5 1600X has the same specs as Ryzen 3 3300.... but 100 bucks lower... damn
  9. So I am just a 13 year old boy, who know nothing about coding (well I mean I know there's Programming languages) and I've heard from a lot of people that C# is okay. So anyone can tell me where should I start? Like downloading a C# learning app or maybe some other stuff
  10. Is this real or virus or just trolls?