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  1. Bump I also am having a lot of issues with the save states of the world.
  2. I tried QuickSync ? Enabled it all via the BIOS and what not but the FPS dif was huge NVENC worked a lot nicer.
  3. Well sadly my FPS took a bigger shit than with NVENC. I guess I just need to get a damn PCIE capture card...
  4. Thank you and considering I've been using NVENC the last year.... I think QuickSync should be a moderate upgrade ^^
  5. Is encoding for streaming not the same as recording with OBS?.. Wouldn't I also want to use quick sync for streaming?
  6. Took a look at his topics, Looks like QuickSync is the way to go...
  7. I wasn't asking what hardware would be better. I specifically was asking what would be MY ideal setup.
  8. So currently my system is made up of the following parts. CPU: i5-4690K @ stock clock. GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC MB: MSI Z97 G55-SLI Os Drive: Samsung 840 Evo 120GB Game Drive: 1TB WD Black 2014 Os: Windows 8.1 Pro (might upgrade to Windows 10 soon ) I have a Spare GTX 750 Ti SC from EVGA as well. My question is what would be the idea streaming setup with this system? Quick sync? CPU? GPU? Can I setup a stream or recording in OBS using the 750 while gaming purely on the 970? recording and streaming bitrates would be nice as well. Recordings would be upscaled to 4K 60FPS for youtube from 1080p.
  9. Buuuump really wan't an answer
  10. I have an i5-4690K non OC and I find it to..be.. Bleh the CPU works too hard on the stream and not the game and the game ends up taking a bigger FPS hit have not been able to use quick sync though.
  11. I have a spare 750 ti I could use that I've been using to Render videos when playing games while gaming with a 970. My question is, is it possible to render my video out to Twitch with NVENC on OBS using a 2nd GPU ? So that way there isn't any lag or loss in FPS?
  12. Okay sounds like I can get away with a 55GB Os partition, 10GB Over provisioning, and a 55GB Game/program partition. This sounds good?
  13. Ummm I currently have a windows 8.1 instal and was about to upgrade when it told me I needed to make more space...
  14. What is the bare minimum GB needed for a functional Windows 10 OS instal? Someone recently told me that It's a good idea to partition your SSD to keep the C drive only for windows while you can still put games and other crap on a second partition avoiding the hoo ha with permisions crap. Any ideas? and is this a good idea? I have a 120GB Samsung 840 Evo. Edit: Windows 10 64bit Pro* Edit 2: clarifying I'm talking about the OS instal and not RAM or instal drive size*