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  1. I think that 3600 cl16 is the better choice here, because ryzen barely benefits from clockspeeds that high, the tighter timings will suit the ryzen chip better. As an option, you could get the 4000mHz dimms and downclock them with tighter timing, so you might be able to match 3600 cl16.
  2. From the steps you've taken it unfortunately seems like a scratched pad on the bottom of the cpu or a bent pin in the socke, although it seems unlikely for both boards to have the same bent pins, or, as you've dicovered already: the cpu might degrading. Try looking at the first 2 option before taking any actions, it might save you some money
  3. I'm here to see if I can claim the fastest 8-core for R20 too, unfortunately R20 is a avx load and my cpu just isn't capable of doin 5.3 with avx, so I had to go for an offset of -1... and @Jumper118, where can I find the docs for the R20 runs, it's in the title but not on the post with the collections
  4. can confirma that "shit a brick" part in AAA games
  5. I'd go with ryzen in the current market, intel only has a slightly better performance while gaming which will only really impact your experience with 240hz and up. for a 9900k and 1080, I run both on 1440p 144hz, definitely not always reaching it but gsync fixes that, on a msi meg z390 ace
  6. According to the official microsoft website (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-specifications#primaryR2):
  7. if you only see these numbers while idleing its pretty normal for a cpu not bearely boost or run on lower than base to save power while doing nothing, if they are this low during a load: at first have a look at the max power draw in the bios and if that wont help try updating it
  8. it might be easier to just downgrade your bios to the newest version with the nice gui
  9. the system at least reaches the minimum system requirements for windows 10 altho it barely scratches on the ram part, you might want to find a bit more ram and see if that works
  10. High core count cpus usually have a lower clockspeed and are therefore not especially well suited for gaming alltho vulkan and directx 12 are using more and more cores and game devs increase their multicore support. At the moment 32 or 64 core server cpus are wayy more than any game and streaming/recording software can actively use atm. Currently the 3950X is most likely enough for the next 2-5(maybe 10) years with its 16 cores. And the best option for overkill is in my opinion that teasered intel 22 core or a threadripper with 32 or 64 cores, which you can overclock like hell and get a solid gaming performance.
  11. You don't need the hyper 212 in there, because the stock cooler it ships with is adequate if you don't want high OC or ultra silent operation, whereas the hyper 212 wouldn't have helped much compared to amds stock cooler
  12. I'd rather get a ryzen, since you need to buy a new board and new ram anyways. I'd reccommend either a 3600(X) or 3700(X) for a board you might want to look into the new motherboard guide v2, where I would opt for a B550 or a X570 if you really want to spent the max amount of money for a little bit better OC, then you might want to consider a 3950X
  13. you dont need the hyper 212, with it you wont be overclocking and the 3600s stock cooler is sufficient + you can just get the mis b450 tomohawk max, which is the best price/performance board for am4 up to 3700X atm, if you push hard and dont OC even the 3900X
  14. I would ditch the soundcard if possible, modern boards have good onboard audio, except if you want hi quality studio headphones.
  15. I would combine the two, get a 3600 and a x570 for ultimate OC and a 2080 super / ti The difference is looks, build quality and the cooling capability (and noise), with better cooling you get better overclocks
  16. Maybe consider a rx5500, its supposed to be as fast as the 580, but cheaper. Maybe even try to fit a rx 5600
  17. Sort an array of integers by size, smallest at first increasing. dont search for sorting algorithms.
  18. The wraith max isnt the best cooler for the price, Id go with a drp4 or a nhd 15 or the boxed. And the graphics seem a little bit underpowered, Id recommend to do 3600 and a rtx 2060 super or something around that. You need to look for a way to update your mobo bios, amd has a program where they get you a cpu for updating
  19. This is most likely to the fact, that intel turbo boost is boosting higher when it needs to
  20. Sounds about right for a 9900k
  21. Only if you bought it in california or on amd.com
  22. http://www.amdcpusettlement.com/ when its finally online you can claim your money there, but im sure you will need to provide a lot of documents
  23. There are rgb headers on the motherboard did you try them?