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    I really like games, this is what got me into IT and now I‘ve got a place at a company to get my bachelor of Science the dual way(something special in germany :))
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    I am a student


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    I9 9900k @5.0GHz w/ 1.26v
  • Motherboard
    MSI MEG Z390 ACE
  • RAM
    G.Skill trident z rgb 2x8g @3600mhz
  • GPU
    Palit gtx 1080 dual oc w/ raijintek morpheus II core edition and be quiet silent wings 3
  • Case
    Raijintek paean
  • Storage
    1x 250g samsung 970 evo and 2x 500g 860evo raid 0 for games
  • PSU
    EVGA 850 G3
  • Cooling
    H150i pro rgb
  • Operating System
    Win 10 education

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  1. you dont need the hyper 212, with it you wont be overclocking and the 3600s stock cooler is sufficient + you can just get the mis b450 tomohawk max, which is the best price/performance board for am4 up to 3700X atm, if you push hard and dont OC even the 3900X
  2. I would ditch the soundcard if possible, modern boards have good onboard audio, except if you want hi quality studio headphones.
  3. I would combine the two, get a 3600 and a x570 for ultimate OC and a 2080 super / ti The difference is looks, build quality and the cooling capability (and noise), with better cooling you get better overclocks
  4. Maybe consider a rx5500, its supposed to be as fast as the 580, but cheaper. Maybe even try to fit a rx 5600
  5. Sort an array of integers by size, smallest at first increasing. dont search for sorting algorithms.
  6. The wraith max isnt the best cooler for the price, Id go with a drp4 or a nhd 15 or the boxed. And the graphics seem a little bit underpowered, Id recommend to do 3600 and a rtx 2060 super or something around that. You need to look for a way to update your mobo bios, amd has a program where they get you a cpu for updating
  7. This is most likely to the fact, that intel turbo boost is boosting higher when it needs to
  8. Sounds about right for a 9900k
  9. Only if you bought it in california or on amd.com
  10. http://www.amdcpusettlement.com/ when its finally online you can claim your money there, but im sure you will need to provide a lot of documents
  11. There are rgb headers on the motherboard did you try them?
  12. A different psu, 3rd gen ryzen is a really nice gain and at least 3000mHz ram
  13. I use prime 95 26.6 for stress testing, because it is the last version without avx
  14. Running a java program doesnt need any gpu power, so an i3 should be enough