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  • Birthday 2000-10-15

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    I really like games, this is what got me into IT and now I‘ve got a place at a company to get my bachelor of Science the dual way(something special in germany :))
  • Occupation
    I am a student


  • CPU
    I9 9900k @5.0GHz w/ 1.26v
  • Motherboard
    MSI MEG Z390 ACE
  • RAM
    G.Skill trident z rgb 2x8g @3600mhz
  • GPU
    Palit gtx 1080 dual oc w/ raijintek morpheus II core edition and be quiet silent wings 3
  • Case
    Raijintek paean
  • Storage
    1x 250g samsung 970 evo and 2x 500g 860evo raid 0 for games
  • PSU
    EVGA 850 G3
  • Cooling
    H150i pro rgb
  • Operating System
    Win 10 education

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  1. Mephi00

    GPU not running 95~99% load G-Sync

    The same thing happened to me yesterday, but it was in Ring of Elysium. My gpu usage only hit 75-95% with a cpu isage of around 20-30
  2. My CPU will do 1 cinebench run and hit 99C on 5.3, my cooling is just a h150i pro, so my limitations are way worse than your 480 rad. And you might be able to get 5.4 with some LLC fun
  3. Mephi00

    GPU not running 95~99% load G-Sync

    Then I have no idea other than gta only using 1 or 2 cores and that bottlenecking. But my 1080 is fully utilized in gta without getting really close to the 144Hz my screen has. And the 9900k is ob 20-25% usage
  4. Mephi00

    Just how bad is a cheap power supply?

    A really cheap power supply can blow and take your whole system with it. If you want a cheap and recycled psu get it on the used market
  5. Mephi00

    GPU not running 95~99% load G-Sync

    Maybe your fps is limited to the refreshrate of your screen
  6. As far as my research goes: the retina 2016 13“ model uses soldered ram not the other one
  7. Apple isnt offering it, so your just stuck with 16 gigs RAM or a 15‘‘ model, because the RAM is soldered on the retina model. If you dont have a retina display you should do some research if you‘re comfortable with doing it yourself
  8. Mephi00

    9th gen overclocked losing to 7th gen on heavens

    Maybe you have an unknown Bottleneck in there because my cheap 1080 with an aftermarket cooler can do more when oced
  9. I feel like yours isnt worse, i had my ram at 2666 and CL14 timings(dont quote me on that, im not sure) that helped a lot. I had it running on 5.3 as well, because my cooling wont go further
  10. You still did not get my 2318 score. Maybe when you get your RAM timings tighter or your RAM speed higher
  11. Mephi00

    Kalm's nerd corner complete for now

    Thats some grat customer support lol. I, as a student, sont earn money on regular basis but have been able to build a 9900k system when it came out with the money from 1 job in the hollidays and presents from 1 or 2 years i saved up. Btw I‘d like to know the temps with the direct die block from der8auer, because i want to custom loop my rog when i start my job/studies.
  12. Mephi00

    9th gen overclocked losing to 7th gen on heavens

    The 2080 has 8gig vram right? or do i read something wrong in heaven, because it says that ur 2080 has 4gig
  13. Mephi00

    Is this ok?

    Try to clean those pads off with a Qtip or something and try again
  14. Mephi00

    9th gen overclocked losing to 7th gen on heavens

    It might actually be a bad gpu, try DDU to uninstall you graphics driver and try again
  15. You need to plug in the gpu for video output, because the R5 doesnt have a iGpu, so there wont be any video output on the mobo