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  1. Ic..thank you..I don't really need more rams...just that the 32gb kit ordered from newegg haven't arrived, I can't start it up without rams, and its Sunday I'm not working it's a good time to go down and get the new ryzen cpu and motherboard.
  2. Today, I'm planning to buy msi meg x570 ace with r7 3700x. and get an 2x4gb x2666mhz cheapest ram available so i can start using right away. is it ok to run with 2x4gb x2666mhz and 2x16gb 3200mhz at the same time?i already ordered a trident z royal 2x16gb kit but delivery got delayed. or is it better to stick with just 2x16gb in it when it arrives?
  3. ZephCloud

    PCI-E + EPS power connector

    oh ya..the 1 i get is fully modular...lol..thanks...i know i don't need it..but..in the newer versions there is..mine is only 8 months old and i don't have it..T_T
  4. ZephCloud

    PCI-E + EPS power connector

    Sorry but I have a question for the same topic so I just write it here. How do you get the extra cpu cable? The 1 I have is Cooler Master mwe gold 750w, it has similar socket on the psu, but there's only 1 cable marked as cpu 4+4 connector in the box.
  5. ZephCloud

    X570 will support Ryzen 4000?

  6. At around 15:55 he said that there'll be another generation so 4th gen will fit in x570?
  7. ZephCloud

    P106 NOW SUPPORT DirectX (Not Official)

    you've made it into the video..gratz!!
  8. Hi there, i have just bought a GTX 1060 6GB, just want to know will this affect the lifespan of the graphics card. I used the default gaming mode setting in AORUS ENGINE(boost clock: 1835mhz) but in game it's running at 1900~2000mhz with 50% gpu usage. is this safe?