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    Down Under
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    Electronics, computers, embedded Linux, Linux, server administration and Arduino


  • CPU
    Xeon E5-1650v1 & iPad 6th Gen
  • Motherboard
    HP Custom
  • RAM
    64gb DDR3 ECC
  • GPU
    GTX1060 Strix RGB
  • Case
    HP Custom
  • Storage
    250gb Micron SDD + 2TB WD
  • PSU
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    2x ACER 1080p 24”
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    Logitech Wireless Combo
  • Mouse
    Logitech Wireless Combo
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. If you have any newer Apple devices they will support 5g wifi.
  2. Make sure you have the correct permissions assigned to the user and the share. This shouldn’t be a problem though as your other computers are connecting
  3. You could either try another or install mdadm and webmin on Ubuntu?
  4. Pretty small in comparison:
  5. I have a Gigabyte motherboard for mine and even if I put 2133mhz memory in all of its slots it will boot fine and run normally
  6. I have an Intel m-pcie wifi card (dual-band) and immediately worked without installation of drivers when booting into Ubuntu for the first time.
  7. Get a cheap i3-i5 combo and a gtx1060 and you’ll be fine. LTT’s Budget VR setup should work a treat. Unless you are planning to host a modded server there is no point using a dual socket Xeon prebuilt. I even managed to get 5 people connected to a core2duo!
  8. Exactly? Use USB or Serial That is true. You’ll have to length match tracks and the via’s they are connected to. I don’t think Dave has done anything with pcie for the reasons above
  9. I think the xiaomi drone is the better one of the two.